Treat your lips to spring’s shiniest makeup trend with a metallic lipstick that guarantees you a velvety lip that doesn’t dry your lips out and lasts all day. Your March Box has a full size Metallic Liquid Lip lipstick from LIQUE that can help you get your shine on. We talked to the brand and got the scoop from Ashley O’Rourke, Creator & Co-Founder who created an affordable collection that is dedicated to empowering women. Read all about how LIQUE got its start and their commitment to everything from lip care to lip color.

Tell us about LIQUE and how the brand got its start.

“Lips have always been my favorite part of the beauty routine. There is just something so sexy about a woman putting on her lipstick. My favorite thing about LIQUE is that it is prestige without compromise, at prices we can all afford”, says Ashley O’Rourke, our Creator & Co-Founder.
Over the course of three years, Ashley and her team have sought out the best formulas for each product, really focusing the research and development on perfecting the concept, formula and packaging of care and color products that are for one area, the lips!

What is the inspiration behind the LIQUE name?

Pronounced “lick,” the name is edgy and playful but can also be pronounced “lick-you,” a very tongue-in-cheek option. Also our icon, the “Q” in our branding, aims at a higher meaning…
“I hope to inspire and empower every woman to be the queen she was born to be.
Even in those times when life knocks your crown off, remember, YOU ARE A QUEEN!
So pick up that crown, put it back on and move forward.” - Ashley

When it comes to a metallic lip, LIQUE is actually a leader with this type of lipstick, when did you first launch yours?

The Metallic Liquid Lip is a velvety-smooth, long-lasting liquid lipstick that, along with the rest of the care and color products from LIQUE were launched in the summer of 2017 in all Kohl’s doors with huge success. Kohl’s is a destination for upscale products at prices that everyone can afford and LIQUE shares the same motto.

How many colors does the metallic come in?

The Metallic Liquid Lip comes in six colors. We have carefully selected shades that pair well with any skin tone and have rich, bold tones with a velvety smooth finish.

How long does your Liquid Lip last?

The Metallic Liquid Lip lasts all day – through eating and drinking – without reapplication.

Is it moisturizing?

Yes, the Metallic Liquid Lip is a soft, velvety formula that doesn’t dry out the lips.

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What tips can you give us on how to remove the lipstick?

Lique carries an amazing Lip Wipe that is both gentle yet effective in removing the long-lasting color of our Liquid Lip colors.

What lip care treatments can you suggestion after using the liquid lip?

The first thing we always say is, that you need to take care of your lips in the same way that you take care of your skin. Cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize! The delicate lip area is one of the first areas of your face that tend to show signs of aging. Our delicious Conditioning Scrub removes dead skin while hydrating and enriching the lips with essential oils. The Lip Masque is a really unique, deeply moisturizing leave-on treatment for the lips before bedtime and the Lip Balms offer a blend of conditioners and moisturizers with a hint of color for daytime.

What other products from your brand can you suggest?

Our Hydrating Crème Lipsticks are super moisturizing and offer bold color in 12 unique shades. If you ever wanted to experiment with color, the Lipsticks are a great way to do so. When paired with the Lip Primer as a base and the Lip Definer, you can create a stunning lip in either solid or ombre shades.

What lip trends can we expect to see this spring?

This spring we will focus on new formulas like glosses and additional care items. Our glosses are a non-sticky, hydrating formula that comes in four perfectly designed colors for any skin tone. Expansion of color in the Lipsticks and Liquid Lips can be expected for spring. We also have really exciting ombre lipsticks that combine three colors in one tube to give you a perfect ombre lip in one swipe. But one thing remains the same, any care or color item will always have the same moisturizing and conditioning elements that each product contains.

Your products all have such unique packaging, what was your inspiration behind those designs?

The point of this brand was to create a line that felt expensive and looked expensive for the empowered woman who loves color and loves caring for her lips. We also wanted to provide quality color and lip care to the everyday woman. We also want to empower our customers with the idea that LIQUE is guaranteed to have every quality aspect of a high-priced cosmetics line, but at a price point that the everyday woman can afford. You don’t have to break the bank to wear something beautiful and that makes you feel sexy and empowered.

What’s next for Lique?

To find the next great thing for your lips and bring it to you as fast as we can, from care to color.

Each of our monthly subscribers will receive a full size Liquid Lip in their monthly box, what is the one thing that you’d like to leave them with?

We really hope that subscribers will enjoy every aspect of this product. From concept, to packaging to color, we want to do so much more than sell product. We want to give women the courage and confidence to wear cosmetics, to experiment with color, to feel comfortable in their skin and as Ashley says, “Be the QUEEN that she was born to be,” all at a price that everyday woman can afford. We want subscribers to feel the passion that went into making this line and hope that they can share in this journey with us.

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