This All-Natural Foam Wash for Your Vajayjay Will Change Your Life

Maintaining a healthy pH balance through your entire body is key to living and feeling your best, according to many healthcare experts. As women continue their quest for optimal health, they can turn now turn to Kushae, a chemical-free gentle foaming wash that cleanses and moisturizes our most delicate areas. What started out, as an innocent conversation that turned into great idea for a great product later became the namesake for a company that was founded by ex-Pharmaceuticals Sales Consultant AKA The Natural Diva and an OB/GYN Doctor. Read all about how this duo’s chemistry helped them create a line a natural and gentle feminine care products

When did the brand get its start?

The brand started out as an innocent conversation between a doctor and a diva on a girl’s trip in 2016. Don't all great stories begin this way? (Hey, just roll with us, here!) When OB/GYN, Dr. Barb and ex-Pharmaceutical Sales Consultant turned naturalista, Kimba (AKA The Natural Diva), met for the very first time, there was no denying, their chemistry was instantaneous. Dr. Barb and The Natural Diva began swapping ideas and sharing insights on chemical-free solutions to the feminine care issues we're all so familiar with. There you have it, from that innocent conversation, where ideas flowed like a fine wine at a dinner party, BK Naturals was born. Our mission is to whip up effective, yet gentle, naturally based feminine care products, created by women, for women. The rest, they say, is Kushae™.

What’s the inspiration behind the name Kushae?

Oddly enough our co-founder Kimba “The Natural Diva” started a brain storming session with the word “coochie”. Dr. Barb suggested they “French-ify” it…and the name Kushae (Koo-shay) was born!

What inspired your product line?

Dr. Barb is a Board Certified OB/GYN and has been caring for women for over 20 years. She is also a breast cancer survivor, who wanted to create a line that would continue to provide the best care for women’s health and not contain ingredients that could harm them or potentially be linked to cancer.

Kimba “The Natural Diva” spent 15 years as a pharmaceutical sales executive and knew how toxic modern day medications and over the counter products could be. When she decided to create a healthier, natural lifestyle for herself, she too, wanted to see Kushae become an important part of the hygiene regimen for all women who also wanted to live healthier and natural lifestyles.

Tell us about the importance of using natural products.

60% of what we put on our skin is absorbed into our bloodstream, and yet women on average put 515 chemicals on their bodies every single day, unknowingly. Scientific evidence states, that there is a link between common ingredients like parabens and cancer. It is critical that women become more vigilant about what they put both in and on their bodies.

What are the key ingredients in the Gentle 2-n-1 Foaming Wash?

The key ingredients of the Gentle 2-n-1 Foaming Wash include:

French Green Clay – detoxifying, purifying

Aloe Gel – moisturizes and soothes delicate skin

Witch Hazel Extract – antioxidant, skin freshener

Our wash does NOT include sulfates, glycerin, parabens, alcohol, or any artificial, synthetic, or chemical ingredients.

Is this feminine wash for all women?

Yes! It is all-natural and it can even be used on babies.

What makes your feminine wash different form other washes?

Our wash is the only feminine wash that is doctor formulated, tested, and approved. It is pH balanced to manage the most delicate feminine area, and infused with botanical ingredients meant to specifically and effectively maintain a woman’s most intimate areas.

What are the top three feminine hygiene concerns that you often hear?

Women who love Kushae choose us because they’ve complained of: Odor due to sweat, irritation from other soap, and vulvar dryness (chafing).

What other products can you suggest that we can use in addition to Kushae?

The entire Kushae line! Organic cotton pads and tampons and menstrual cups.

What’s next for Kushae?

We look forward to creating our feminine wipes within the next year! We are also looking at expanding into all-natural body care and intimate lubricants. The menstrual space is changing right now, but we intend to be right there as well!

Customers who purchase our Limited Edition Box will receive a full size Gentle 2n1 Foaming Wash. What is the one thing that you’d like to leave them with?

Kushae was made for every woman. We want women to be able to choose all natural products that feel good and work great not only for their hygiene, but also for their health.

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