Inside the Brand: Kaunis

Kaunis is a Finnish word meaning “beautiful”, and that is how the brand by the same name wants you to feel after using their products. After experiencing issues of dryness and redness with her own skin founder and creator, Anna Easteden, looked for a viable solution; when she found it, Kaunis was born. Keep reading to learn more about the brand and their skin care masks included in our November COCOTIQUE Box.

How did the Kaunis brand get its start?
Kaunis got started because my skin got really bad: (it was) breaking out, dry and often red. I started looking for products that would make my skin better. Through experimentation on my own skin, I found ingredients that cleared my skin out, made it soft, clean and looking beautiful. I started the brand to help others who have similar problems. 


Who would most benefit from the Kaunis brand/product mission?
Anyone who has skin can benefit :). The products are unisex. Especially anyone with similar problems as I had (red, dry skin that breaks out) will benefit. But also anyone with great skin already can see the benefit of much smoother skin than normal for a few days.

Tell us about your Anti-Aging Mask and your Soothing Mask that our November subscribers received.
Both the Anti-Aging Mask and Soothing Mask have organic ingredients and have not been tested on animals. These products are great for people who are busy, as they are very easy and quick to use. You can even take them with you on your travels, as they don’t take up very much space.

Outside of your products, what tips would you share to help customers achieve and maintain younger looking skin?
Drinking lots of water is always great for your skin. When you first start drinking lots of water, you might notice your skin getting worse, because your body is getting rid of toxins, but don’t worry it’ll pass.

Keep up with Kaunis by visiting their website, and following them on Twitter.