Inside the Brand: I AM SCENTUAL

Robyn and Shirley, the partners behind I AM SCENTUAL, started out with a shared love of womanhood and pampering, that they would soon turn into a joint venture. They created Scentuality, the I AM SCENTUAL signature scent, to awaken your senses and remind you of your divine nature. This product not only smells great, it makes you feel great with ingredients like Safflower Seed Oil, Sesame Seed Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil and Olive Oil. Read on for a glimpse inside the brand with I AM SCENTUAL.

What was the inspiration behind the I AM SCENTUAL brand, and how did the two of you come together to collaborate and bring it to fruition?

The inspiration behind I AM SCENTUAL has been in the making for over 9 years. We are best friends and we consider ourselves sisters. The journey began with a common love for spa indulgence and a desire for women to share in our pampering bliss. We wanted to create products that celebrated the splendor of women – reclaiming lost femininity. Together, in Robyn’s home, we “blended” body products that we wanted but could not readily find--or that we simply wanted to enhance. This included lotion, sugar scrub, and hair product; then “scenting” the products with natural oils and fragrances.

At that point, we knew we were on to something that would speak to women who wanted to relax, smell fabulous, and feel great about themselves, (so) we started hosting “spa parties” with friends and families. Three years ago in 2011, we decided to coin our purposeful journey as “scentual”. I AM SCENTUAL truly is a declaration of our divine nature. Our purpose & passion is to enhance life through scentual indulgence.

In late 2013, after being approached by both men and women, we decided to officially start the business with our signature fragrance!

What does it mean to be Scentual?

Being Scentual is a soulful reflection. It is how your feel about yourself and how you portray your innermost self to the world. Being scentual is a woman’s “glow”. Wearing I AM SCENTUAL fragrance awakens the senses and reminds one of her inner goddess.

What were the first 3 steps you took to initially launch the brand?

  1. We did the business incorporation, trademarked the name and got our website up and running

  2. We initialized the business in the social media world (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter)

  3. We did a prelaunch in 2011 over the holidays to friends and family at the W hotel in NYC, Times Square

Who is the ideal I AM SCENTUAL consumer? What is her lifestyle like?

The ideal I AM SCENTUAL consumer is playful, soulful, and even flirty. She is a woman who exudes confidence and positivity. Her presence is known when she enters a room and missed when she leaves. She has value and celebrates her splendor.

Can consumers expect a fresh, new fragrance for spring?
Yes, there is another fragrance on the horizon. However, prior to releasing it, we will introduce complementary products in the Scentuality fragrance. Consumers can expect a body cream in the near future.

Learn more about I AM SCENTUAL at their website, and follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.