Tanya Wright is not just our COCOBelle of the Month, this month she’s also the creator of HAIRiette, a brand she created as an answer to dry textured hair. Knowing first hand the stress of battling dry, thirsty hair, Tanya created products with natural ingredients such as kokum butter and marula oil. Read on to find out what it took to create the brand, HAIRiette!

Tell us about HAIRiette. What is the inspiration behind your Kokum Butter & Marula Oil Co-Wash

I created the HAIRiette line after years of battling my hair-- you should see my grammar school pictures, my hair was a hot mess! My mom had me when she was very young, so figuring out my hair was not high on the list of priorities:) I wanted a very simple system that I could use and get great results every time. I worked with a chemist for about a year mixing lots of different ingredients until we came up with something that I absolutely loved.

What are the key ingredients and their benefits?

Kokum butter is actually a fruit from India. We know that fruits are great for the inside of the body but they also work wonders on the outside too! Kokum butter is super moisturizing and it has a ton of anti-oxidant properties. Marula oil is Africa’s best beauty secret harvested from the nut inside the fruit. It delivers nutrients, vitamins and omegas, adding shine and luminosity to your hair

Out of all the natural butters and oils out there, why did you choose kokum butter and marula oil?

I worked with a chemist for a year mixing different ingredients to see which one was the best blend for dry, curly, kinky and/or coily hair. The kokum and marula gave me the best results, it leaves your hair moist for up to 3 days.

Why do you think co-washing is important?

Co-washing has saved my hair! My routine is co-wash, co-wash, co-wash--THEN I shampoo. I co-wash maybe once a week and shampoo my hair once a month. My hair has retained more of its moisture and I’ve experienced a lot less breakage due to co-washing.

Is your co-wash for all hair types?

Yes, though I find people who need more moisture tend to use co-washes more often.

How often should one co-wash?

I do it once a week, but it’s gentle enough for everyday use. Everyone is different!

What other product from your line would you suggest?

All three products in the HAIRiette line are neck and neck in terms of sales. The Curl Crème moisturizes, shines and defines your curl without the crunch-- it’s perfect for wash and goes, twist outs and braid outs. Our Oil Blend is great because it’s non-greasy, lightweight and can also be used on the skin. Hair salons are beginning to carry the oil.

What’s next for HAIRiette?

Oh, so much. We have a YouTube web series HAIRiette, Home for the Holidays—check out episode 4. I wrote a musical to the book I Found My Hair In God and then there’s the HAIRiette TV app coming in March. This is an exciting time for us. Everything will be exclusive including a series called HAIRiette UNIVERSITY where you learn how the HAIRiette hair care line came to be and how you can turn your hobby into your business. I love encouraging people to go for their dreams.

Each of our monthly subscribers will be receiving a deluxe sample of Kokum & Marula Oil Co-Wash in their box, what is the one take-away that you’d like to leave them with?

Feel good about yourself and think of all the things your hair has taught you about life. Things like patience; that letting go/shedding is a natural part of life so it’s important to make space for new things and how important it is to be elastic in life, to be willing and able to change when you need to.

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