Looking for a way to enhance your eyes or create a look so defined without a messy hassle? Thanks to Glamazon Cosmetics, they have the perfect solution that allows you to create like a pro. We talked to Kim Baker, former model and creator about her Flawless Gel Liner Pen and how it allows you to achieve the ideal eye-catching look that you desire.

What is a Glamazon Beauty?

Glamazon Beauty Cosmetics represents a strong woman who not only handles her business, but also looks good while doing it! Too many women use the excuse that they are too busy to focus on grooming their appearance, never the case with a Glamazon Beauty!

Tell us about The Gel Liner Pen and the inspiration behind it.

When I created the Flawless Gel Liner Pen, I wanted a gel liner that was so simplistic to use that even the most eyeliner challenged person could look like a pro! And our felt tip is fool proof!

How long does the liner last?

Our Flawless Gel Liner truly stays on until you wipe it off with makeup remover!
Is this liner waterproof?

Yes, our liner is waterproof!

What would you say the difference is between Glamazon’s Gel Liner and other brands?

Our liner is so easy to use! The shade of black is to perfection, it is the blackest black, but yet doesn’t look harsh and it dries down to a beautiful matte. We have also become one of the top selling eyeliners in Ricky's with repeat business, it’s that good! The Beauties have spoken and they approve!

In addition to the Gel Liner, what other product do you suggest to achieve that Flawless Look?

OMG! My Second Skin Liquid Foundation is such a unique formula with great coverage. I also swear by our Eye Conic Eye Concealer, it’s the best concealer ever! Everyone says it’s amazing. I also suggest our Perfect Pressed Powder, one of the powders is called “Havana” it’s like the Banana Powder but in a pressed formula. The Glamazon Beauties will also love my Creme Highlighter, it gives the skin a candle lit glow that looks natural!
What are the top three looks that women want to achieve with their makeup?

Even skin tone, skin that glows and makeup that doesn’t feel heavy on their face and performs well. That’s what our Glamazon Beauty products provide!
As a former model, turned celebrity make up artist and now the owner of Glamazon Beauty, what philosophies have you learned along the way that you’ve applied to your own business?

I have learned that I work for these women who buy our product, so I never walk around with my nose in the air. I am like the court jester who runs to the lab, makes the product and presents it before my Glamazon Beauties. If they approve, then they buy. If they don’t approve, I know I have to run back and do it all over again. I perfect the product until they love it. So, I work for my Beauties and that’s humbling!!! Without them I’m a chick with a lab full of makeup! LOL!
What’s next for Glamazon Beauty Cosmetics?

Eye palettes and stick foundations!!!! I am so excited to share with my Glamazon Beauties!!!
Each of our monthly subscribers will be receiving a full size sample of the Flawless Gel Liner in their box, what is the one take-away that you’d like to leave them with?

I want to celebrate the beauty of all women especially women of color. When it comes to most brands, we are an afterthought but for this Glamazon Beauty Cosmetics you are my inspiration!!!

My motto is Own your beauty…and then Share it with the World!!!!

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