Inside the Brand: GirlandHair

If you’ve been in search of hair extensions that are free of the harsh chemicals normally used to strip or coat hair, you’ll find them with GirlandHair. Their high quality hair, plus their Under Hair Care™ line (for weaves, braids, and wigs), each ensure that you can enjoy protective styles, while still maintaining the length and health of your own hair. Founder, Camille Verovic, shares the full GirlandHair story in this Inside the Brand interview.

Tell us the GirlandHair story. How did the brand get its start?

It all started with a small blog ‘Girl My Hair’ in 2007 to chronicle my journey from being relaxed to going natural. Girl My Hair then morphed from a small space on the web to share my thoughts on hair care to the brand now known as GirlandHair (G+H). We created GirlandHair because I had a difficult time finding quality hair extensions in a vast hair extension market that has been flooded by questionable and substandard hair. At that time, my husband, who is a lawyer, regularly traveled for work. During one of his trips to India I asked him to buy the best hair extensions he could find. He thought I was joking at first. Nonetheless, my ever so pleasing hubby then traveled through various regions, visited several temples, (went to) dozens of hair manufacturers, and after some time he finally found it. I was simply blown away by the quality of the hair he brought home. After that, it didn’t take us long to decide that we should offer it to the many hair extension lovers who are looking for quality hair but have been disappointed in finding it elsewhere.

Our hair care line, Under Hair Care™, also started very organically. As a physician, I intuitively come from a holistic yet functional standpoint. Every aspect of Under Hair Care™ from product formulation to packaging development was created for the woman whose main objective is the health of her own hair. We often get into this discourse about good hair, bad hair, natural hair, relaxed hair, weave versus no weave, when the distilled objective should really be about your own healthy hair.


What are the different types of hair that you offer?
We currently carry three different collections: LUSH, MIST, and SILK.

Our LUSH collection, which is our most popular hair, comes in a straight and body wavy texture. The hair stands are medium to thick, which blend perfectly with natural hair. It has lots of volume and can be used for various hair styles.

Our MIST collection comes in a beach wavy and tight coils texture. It is created with a special steaming technique to produce the uniform hair pattern. Our MIST collection is ideal for the simple wash-and-go styles.

Our SILK collection comes in a straight texture. The hair strands are fine, which gives it a sleek and straight look.


What makes GirlandHair's hair extensions different from other human hair products that are on the market?
As mentioned, the main difference is the quality of the hair. We are sourcing our hair extensions directly from only one supplier in India. The hair, which comes from various temples, is kept in its rawest form. Apart from washing, conditioning, wefting, and in some cases steaming, there is nothing else done or added to the hair. There are no harsh chemicals used to strip or coat the hair cuticle. That way, we can guarantee that our hair has a natural and soft feel and can last a very long time. It is tangle free and can be color treated without altering the quality.

A lot of women use hair extensions as protective styles. Why is it important for them to still care for their own hair underneath?
At the end of the day, what matters most is your own hair. Curly hair (from tight coils to loose spirals) is naturally prone to breakage. It prefers to ‘be left alone’ whether that is through a ‘wash and go’ style or in the case of many women, wearing hair extensions or any other protective styles. Hair extensions are a great way to enjoy the versatility of various styles while giving your hair a needed break from continuous heat, mechanical and chemical damage. However, there is also a flip side to wearing hair extensions. It is very easy to neglect the hair underneath hair extensions and, as the old adage goes: out of sight, out of mind. Therefore, after weeks of wearing hair extensions, the natural hair may become dry, brittle, and more prone to breakage. In most cases, if not cared for, your own hair is even more damaged after wearing hair extensions. I remember when I had my dermatology rotation; there were so many women that came in with traction alopecia, a devastating form of hair loss caused by increased tension to the hair follicle. It was avoidable if only these women were more concerned with the health of their hair versus the application of hair extensions. Truly, I’ve also been one of those women for too long who bought into the beauty-is-pain concept. Although the hair under extensions is essentially covered, it is even more important to pay attention to cleansing, moisturizing, and nourishing that hair. After all, wearing a protective style is about retaining length and volume.


March COCOTIQUE Subscribers are receiving a full size of your Under Hair Care Restore balm for just this reason. Tell us more about the full Under Hair Care line.
Our new line Under Hair Care™ was created to address exactly the above issue. It is a specially formulated hair regimen, consisting of shampoo, leave-in conditioner and a protective restoring balm . It was created to nourish and treat both natural and relaxed hair of women wearing protective styles, such as sew-ins, braids or wigs. The line also contains fortifying and conditioning ingredients to maximize the growth, retention and strength of hair follicles, which in turn leaves wearers with full healthy and thick hair. We have included proven botanical oils such as Abyssinian, castor, olive, neem, Shea, and tea tree oil to protect the hair follicle and promote hair growth. One of the biggest benefits of our line is its great smell and ability to neutralize any odor. All of our Under Hair Care™ packaging has been developed for easy application and use. Each product comes with an easy to use applicator tip for applying the product directly to the base of braided styles.

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