Inside the Brand: Everyday Botanicals

Let us take you Inside the Brand with Everyday Botanicals! Lindsay McNeil, Director of Marketing for the brand, was kind enough to give us all the details on how Everyday Botanicals got its start, and the best selling products you need to add to your Ultimate Beauty Arsenal.

What inspired the start of Everyday Botanicals?
Growing up in the beauty business, and then working in it for decades, we always saw a need for a range that was more than an affordable luxury. We wanted to create a better formula, and in the process give the consumer a better value, in terms of price and size. No other brand has taken the gamble and risk of developing this type of formula; our conditioner, for example, should retail for $40 or more for a 4-ounce size, but is available to our consumers for just $14.95 for 12 ounces!

What problem does your brand seek to solve for customers with its products?
We are bringing people high-end, naturally formulated products that work and are good for you. Once people use our formulas, they are hooked; and once they realize the value in price, size and quality, they stick to Everyday Botanicals.

How important is packaging in your branding strategy?

Packaging in our case contains two important customs: (1) we have created value by giving more to the consumer in every scenario, while making it very user friendly. And (2) we have come up with a balanced design that engages every demographic.

What has been your best selling product to date?
Our best sellers are the shampoos in all three categories, the Maintenance Cream for the Everyday line and Lock Butter from the Coarse & Curly line.

What else should our subscribers know about the Grapefruit Mango Shower Gel they received in their December boxes?
The bath products that your subscribers received are the new standard in the approach to formulation and scent as it relates to natural beauty.

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