Inside The Brand Elements of Aliel

When was the last time you came across a product with only four ingredients? Elements of Aliel talks to us about their amazing Joy Scrub. Simple does not mean ineffective as this gentle facial scrub helps exfoliate and moisturize the skin. Green tea, Oatmeal and Bentonite Clay work together for effective, yet natural, skincare.

Tell us about Elements of Aliel and what is the inspiration behind Joy Scrub?

Elements of Aliel is an all-natural and affordable skincare company that focuses on creating products that are good for you both inside and out. It was born out of the need to find a natural alternative to traditional beauty products that would not irritate my skin or allergies.

Joy Scrub and all of our other scrubs were created from after a few days of wearing makeup, my skin never felt clean enough. I found that using a gentle exfoliant was the answer to my problem. This blend in particular was the result of my love of what green tea does for the skin and the awesome scent of lavender.

What are the benefits of green tea in skin care?

Green tea is full of antioxidants, which is why it is such a popular drink. The skin can also absorb those same benefits. Green tea also contains caffeine, which has anti-aging properties as well as polyphenols, which reduce free radicals and reduce sun damage. Green tea is also a known anti-inflammatory and has antibacterial properties making it great for skin conditions like acne.


Tell us about the other key ingredients in this gentle scrub.

We like to keep our list of ingredients short; in fact this scrub only has four. In addition to the green tea the other star in this blend is the oatmeal, which is the exfoliant and the moisturizer. Please note, because oatmeal is food, when you rinse it off, it’s not harmful to the environment (always a plus). We also use bentonite clay, which helps absorb excess oil and dirt that may be lingering on your skin. Together they cleanse and moisturizer.

How often should you exfoliate and what step is it in a skin care routine?

Since our scrub is so gentle I recommend using it three to four times a week or every other day. It can be used either after or in place of your cleanser. It’s best to exfoliate during your nighttime routine as it removes the build-up of the day.

Is this product for all skin types?

Absolutely, any and every one can use this scrub., it’s ingredients can benefit all skin types.

What other products from your line can you suggest to compliment the scrub?

We believe that clean skin is beautiful skin and so I would recommend our African Black Soap cleanser to compliment this scrub. Together they will keep your skin clean, healthy and beautiful.

What’s next for Elements of Aliel?

Elements of Aliel will continue to share our passion for beauty and health by creating products that are effective and affordable.

Each of our monthly subscribers will be receiving a deluxe sample size of Joy Scrub in their box, what is the one take-away that you’d like to leave them with?
First and foremost, we hope they are left with clean, soft skin. Beyond that we hope they have found their new secret weapon for healthy skin.

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