Inside the Brand: Elaine Hair & Body

What began as a personal journey to better skin and scalp health eventually led Felicia Elaine Lowe to create Elaine Hair & Beauty, a line of all natural products to maintain moisture in hair and skin. We chatted with Felicia about her namesake brand, and we’re sharing how it got its start in this Inside the Brand feature.

What were the first 5 steps you took in order to create and launch Elaine Hair & Body?
Five steps that I took to create and launch were research, formulation, trial and error, product testing and sample giveaways. Extensive research went into finding out the benefits of different essential oils and butters, as well as which oils and butters blended best together. When it came time for the formulation aspect of it I went through a lot of trial and error until I got the right consistency and stability of each product that was created. At Elaine Hair & Body we don't believe in animal testing, so our products were tested on friends, family and myself. On launch day, I created a Facebook page and gave away small gift bags containing skin and hair butter, and the Black Lavender Face Wash.


What are some of the star ingredients in Elaine Hair & Body products?
Some key ingredients that I use in my products are coco butter, Shea butter and coconut milk. Coco Butter is a rich moisturizer filled with fatty acids, which improve moisture retention and elasticity. Shea Butter is a good source of vitamins A and E, which strengthen your skin and hair and help to repair damage that has been done to them over time. Coconut milk is a great conditioner and fights free radicals that your skin and hair are exposed to.

Why is it important for Elaine Hair & Body to be chemical free and all natural?
Our focus is on maintaining the unique essence of natural hair and healthy, well-balanced skin, which is why it is important for our products to be chemical free and all natural.

What are some best uses for the Mango Papaya Butter our December subscribers received in their boxes?
Some great uses for our Mango Papaya Skin and Hair Butter are as a sealant to keep in moisture on wet hair, a moisturizer on your skin after a shower or whenever your skin is dry, a hot oil treatment after every hair wash and a twisting agent.

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