Inside the Brand: Diva By Cindy

Meet Diva By Cindy, a brand with a passion for beauty and promoting healthy hair that grows—but also with a purpose for healing and empowering women. Born out of founder Cindy’s early love of chemistry and curiosity about ingredients, Diva By Cindy has grown into a line of natural products meant to give every Diva softer, longer, more beautiful hair—and the confidence that comes with it.

What were the first few steps you took to turn your love of chemistry into your brand, Diva By Cindy?
When I was 16 years old, my Chemistry teacher taught me to make nail polish because I was failing his class. Even though my parents opposed my decision to go into the beauty business, I always wrote down ingredients and experimented with different ingredients; my mission was to find the solution to hair shedding and breakage and to learn how to stimulate hair growth. After a 13-year career as an RN (BSc. H.S), I opened my first hair salon where our clients were the first test cases of our products--and with the amazing results they experienced, we then began sharing the products with other salons in our area and beyond. I had been writing and journaling for years and once I realized that my divine purpose had been birthed earlier on in my life, things moved in a divine way.

Our November subscribers are receiving a deluxe sample of your Super Gro Hairdress. How does it work to promote hair growth?

The Super Gro Hairdress is a light, non-greasy creamy formula. It contains: peppermint, menthol, camphor, horsetail and nettles, which help stimulate circulation (blood flow) to the scalp, thereby increasing hair growth. Horsetail is rich in minerals and is used to rebuild injured tissue in the body. Nettles are rich in plant hormones and not only stimulate hair growth, but also shine and soften hair.

Hair is a dead organism (if hair was alive, cutting or flat ironing, etc would hurt), but the scalp is alive and needs nutrients and good circulation to promote growth. The ideal conditions for hair growth are: moisture, detangling and increased circulation to the scalp.

The Hairdress is applied to the scalp for thinning, a little can applied to the hair for twist outs and it is also great for dry, itchy, flaky scalp conditions as well. The Super Gro has proven ingredients to give every Diva longer, healthier hair.

Do Diva By Cindy products work well for both relaxed and natural hair?
Yes, they do. We shed an average of 100 to 150 strands of hair per day (according to Milady’s Cosmetology Handbook). Our focus is on detangling, providing hair with optimal moisture--not grease (remember when a plant is dry we water it. During the Jheri Curl days our hair grew due to the high moisture content of the activator), and stimulating hair growth. Some of our products contain panthenol, a B vitamin derivative, aloe, balm mint and yarrow. Our products are formulated to give shine, manageability and growth. I believe naturals and relaxed ladies share one common thread: we all want healthier hair.

Tell us about your Affiliate Program, and why it's important for you to empower other women to earn money with your brand as well.
I am very passionate about healing, helping and empowering women. We are put on this earth to help make a difference. It is about providing opportunities for other women who would love to earn revenue to sustain their families etc. We all forget about the late Madame CJ Walker and how she inspired and helped so many women. Women are encouraged to contact us and apply for positions as Sales Reps or Brand Ambassadors. Our mission is to change the world “One Diva at a time!”

$1 from each purchase of your products is donated to help victims of domestic violence. Tell us why this is an important cause to your brand.
I am a former victim of domestic violence and have been through a lot of pain and trauma in my life. I know what it feels life to feel broken and alone, and helping homeless women and victims of domestic violence was something we had been doing before the launch of the brand. In 2004 we began transporting homeless women from local shelters and offering them a full day of beauty and healing. We had a wonderful limousine driver pick them up, and bring them to the salon where they walked the red carpet to receive their beauty services. We have continued to host days of beauty and healing since then, and we now use proceeds from the sale of the hair products to help support our healing mission. No one should be left behind; we are here to uplift each other as women. A Diva is not just a woman who wants beauty excellence and elegance in her hair. A Diva is: Divine, Inspired, Virtuous and Anointed. In your light, let others see the light. Diva by Cindy is not just a hair product but a vehicle for healing as well. Check out what we do at:

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