Inside the Brand: DermWORX

DermWORX products are meant to give your skin clinical-grade care at an accessible price. With formulas that address everything from sun damage, to Acne, Atopic Skin, Hyperkeratosis and topical pain, DermWORX has got a solution for every type of problem skin. Continue reading as we take you inside the brand to learn more about how this skin health line got its start and why you need it in your Ultimate Beauty Arsenal.

How did the DermWorx brand come to fruition?

DermWORX started with a conversation over a good hamburger in New Jersey.

The DermWORX founders and a very established pharmaceutical company from Barcelona, Spain (LETI Laboratories) happened to meet and both happened to be looking for an answer to the same question: “Can meaningfully effective, clinical-grade products be offered at an accessible price?”

With a little innovation, some serious formulation and great teamwork, the DermWORX skin health line was born and can now be found in hundreds of physicians' offices across the United States.


What was the first product, or set of products, and how has the brand evolved since those early stages?
CerumWORX 10% Vitamin C + Biopeptides (inside the September box!) was actually one of four original products in the line. This was important to us, because Vitamin C is the topical antioxidant most frequently recommended by dermatologists. It is the foundation of many pro skin routines and we believe CerumWORX delivers Vitamin C the right way: in single-use capsules.

Since launch, the line has tripled, with many more solutions on the way. We've seen the DermWORX product family blossom to address beauty needs and common skin concerns like sun damage, Acne, Atopic Skin, Hyperkeratosis and topical pain.

The DermWORX products are physician-recommended and medically exclusive - you can only purchase them from the company or through skin health professionals. Working with some of the brightest minds in skin health and helping their patients achieve healthier, more beautiful skin has easily been the most satisfying part of our evolution as a company.

Why does a woman need DermWorx products in her skincare arsenal?
It's very simple - your skin deserves clinical-grade care. It deserves results, not hype.

DermWORX provides products that dermatologists recommend as the foundation of a healthy skin regimen. That means science-based, clinically tested and authentically effective skin solutions that work hard and feel great.

You just can't fake healthy, beautiful skin and the DermWORX products are designed to deliver real results.


Our September subscribers received your CerumWORX Stable 10% Vitamin C + Biopeptides. Is there anyone who should not use this product?
This product was designed for all skin types (even sensitive skin) but here are a few hints to get the most out of CerumWORX 10% Vitamin C Capsules:

  1. If your skin is dry, rough or damaged - the serum may tingle a bit. If it does, don't worry! You found CerumWORX just in time. Start using CerumWORX 10% Vitamin C every other morning and mixed with a little moisturizer. As your skin's barrier strengthens, this tingling should disappear

  2. If you use a Retinol or similar product, it's recommended to use the retinol at night and Vitamin C in the morning

  3. As with any topical product, if you experience discomfort or are allergic to any of the ingredients, discontinue use

  4. Always use sun protection - it doesn't matter what your skin tone or type is. Sun = aging.

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