Inside the Brand: Curl V

Curl V’s mission is to provide “the daily way to healthy, strong hair”. With their unique combination of essential vitamins, Curl V helps you to achieve your best hair through balanced nutrients that create an optimal environment in your body for your hair to grow and thrive. Their holistic approach to hair health makes Curl V ideal for all hair types, from natural to relaxed to curly. Keep reading our interview with Curl V Founder & CEO, Iman Byfield, to find out how the Curl V Hair Vitality Complex, included in our September Two-Year Anniversary box, can work for you!

What was the process for developing the combination of essential vitamins in the Curl V product?
The creation of Curl V Hair Vitality Complex came from my own struggle with hair health issues, and an inability to find a supplement to give my hair a boost without overwhelming my system. The Curl V team, consisting of an herbalist, a natural hair care expert and a medical professional, developed our Enrichment Blend to provide all of the essential vitamins and nutrients to give your hair the health boost it needs. When it comes to any supplement, there can be too much of a good thing. The Curl V approach is all about balance. We don’t want to overload your system with any one vitamin or mineral. Our balanced blend of ingredients creates an environment for optimal hair health, and the Curl V Daily Way promotes the practices that lead to long-term healthy, strong hair.

Why does a woman need Curl V in her hair care routine?
Curl V is the perfect compliment to those seeking long-term hair health through daily healthy hair practices. For any woman who suffers from damage from previous hair care habits or other causes and needs help getting their hair health back on track, Curl V Hair Vitality Complex steps in to fill deficiencies and help your body create the best environment for hair health, growth and repair.


What is Curl V's core message to consumers?
There is a point in every hair health journey where you realize that the hair you have is the hair you have, and it’s beautiful, and all you can do is make it its best. The Curl V Daily Way rests on the idea that the best hair is your best hair, regardless of type, styling preferences or length. We can’t give you the hair of your friend, cousin, favorite celebrity or hair care guru, but what we will do is help people achieve their best hair through a balanced, considered approach.

Tell us about the 30:60:90 Daily Way Starter Supply of Curl V and how consumers can get it.
The 30:60:90 Daily Way Starter Supply is a three month supply of Curl V Hair Vitality Complex to jumpstart your hair health to get your scalp and hair functioning at its best while you record the benchmarks in your progress. The 30:60:90 Daily Way Starter Supply can be ordered from the Curl V website.

Head to the Curl V website between now and December 30, 2015 to use our exclusive discount code CURLVIP25 for 25% off a one-month supply, or CURLVIP10 for 10% off a 4, 6, or 12 month supply of Curl V. And follow Curl V on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with their product news and updates.