Inside the Brand: Clear-N-Smooth

Available throughout the world in the US, Africa, Europe and Canada, Clear-N-Smooth bridges the gap between cosmetics and pharmaceuticals with its products that both moisturize deeply, and that can help solve common skin problems like acne, dark spots and uneven complexion. Subscribers of our December Box received a deluxe sample size of their Maxi-Britener Cream, a hydroquinone-free product that lightens dark and age spots. Keep reading to learn more from the company’s President, Dr. Charles O. Dankwah.

How did the Clear-N-Smooth brand get its start?
The Clear-N-Smooth brand started on October 9, 1990. Our initial objective was to formulate and produce skin care products to address the problems common to ethnic skin, like uneven skin tone, ashy skin, dull complexion, and acne. We have since expanded our product lines to included anti-aging products. I like to test the products on myself to ensure they deliver effective results for my skin first.

Who would most benefit from the Clear-N-Smooth brand mission?
The ethnic community benefits most from our products.

Tell us about your Maxi-Britener Cream our December subscribers received.
Maxi-Britener is a complexion brightening cream based on natural plant extracts. The difference in similar/competitive products is that the others all contain hydroquinone. At the present time, the FDA has listed hydroquinone as a possible carcinogen and is in the process of formulating regulations to ban it. It may interest you to know that hydroquinone is banned in Europe, Asia, and Canada. The USA is the only developed nation that currently allows hydroquinone in skin care products.

Outside of your products, what tips would you share to help customers achieve and maintain clear and smooth skin?
I will simply say, wash regularly and apply a good moisturizer on your skin. I prefer body wash to bar soap because bar soaps tend to strip the body of its natural moisturizing oils.

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