Inside the Brand: Brazilian Blowout

If you’re looking for a way to smooth your natural curls, while still maintaining health and moisture, the Brazilian Blowout line of aftercare and styling products is for you. The post-salon treatment products were formulated specifically to help you sustain results and more quickly style your hair and move on with your day. Read on to learn more about how these products were formulated, and how they can work for you.

What inspired the creation of the Brazilian Blowout line of products?
The inspiration for our Brazilian Blowout aftercare + styling line came along with the need for our Brazilian Blowout smoothing treatment. As women were experiencing the amazing results from the smoothing treatment, it was a no-brainer that they needed at-home products to help maintain and style their smooth hair with products that were formulated to work with the treatment to prolong it’s incredible results.

What is the number one benefit you aim for your products to provide for customers?

It’s two-fold:

  • The benefit from the Brazilian Blowout smoothing treatment is to be able to dramatically reduce frizz and (for users to) enjoy a reduced drying/styling time, giving them more time back in the day to do things they love.

  • For the aftercare and styling products, the benefit is to maintain those frizz-free results for up to 12 weeks with at-home products that are formulated to work with the treatment. Other “sulfate-free” shampoos, conditioners, and styling products are simply made for color; ours are formulated with the same Brazilian Super-Nutrient Complex that’s found in the smoothing treatment, which is a blend of natural anti-oxidants that conditions the hair cuticle, ensuring that every time you wash, condition, and style your hair, you’ll give it a healthy boost of nutrients that compliment the smoothing treatment while adding shine and flexibility.


Some consumers get nervous about the long-term effects of straightening treatments; how does Brazilian Blowout help to keep hair healthy long term?

Brazilian Blowout is not a straightening treatment--it’s a smoothing treatment. It’s the only smoothing treatment on the market that’s customizable to the client’s needs: meaning the stylist can perform it to have a more sleek and straight result, or allow the client to keep her curl and simply lose the frizz. Here are a few of the great benefits from the Brazilian Blowout treatment as it relates to long-term affect on the hair:

  • Defines curls and stops frizz

  • Smoothes and adds radiant shine

  • Great for transitioning from relaxers to natural hair texture

  • No change to curl pattern – after about 12 weeks, the natural curl pattern begins to fade back into the hair

  • No line of demarcation with new hair growth – the natural curl pattern fades back in rather than having to wait for it to grow back in

  • Can be performed over a (natural) weave

  • Customizable

Tell us about the Acai Brazilian Dry Oil which all of our April subscribers are receiving in their boxes.

Each subscriber will receive a full-size, 3.4 ounce Acai Brazilian Dry Oil. It’s fast absorbing, lightweight oil that can be used daily to smooth, reconstruct, and improve the health of all hair types. Infused with the Brazilian Super-Nutrient Complex, it smoothes even the most damaged strands without weighing hair down. Helps to reduce drying time and leaves no residue or build up. Great for braids and natural hair textures, and creating curls that pop. All the smoothing and strengthening benefits of an oil without the weight.


What other Brazilian Blowout products can help women to maintain long lasting results from their blowouts?

Our four core items that work wonders for all hair types are:

  • Acai Anti-Frizz Shampoo – a specially formulated sulfate-free cleansing system that effectively removes the impurities, without stripping hair of the treatment.

  • Acai Anti-Frizz Conditioner – a deep moisturizing conditioner that infuses hair with vital moisture and nutrients needed to maintain optimal strength and health of the hair.

  • Acai Deep Conditioning Masque – a cream, rich, intense conditioning formula that reconstructs, strengthens and smoothes the hair for the longest-lasting, smoothest result.

  • Acai Protective Thermal Straightening Balm – a powerful heat-activated formulation that straightens waves/curls and tames frizzes while protecting hair from heat styling and environmental stressors.

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