Inside the Brand: Black Radiance

Black Radiance understands a woman of color’s desire for products that perfectly accentuate her natural beauty and offers “affordable, luxurious formulas” to help her achieve it. From their products, specially created for a woman of color’s skin tone; to their high quality tooling accessories; and their sample beauty looks that consumers can easily emulate—Black Radiance gives you everything you need to be at your most beautiful.

What sets Black Radiance apart from other cosmetics lines for women of color?
Black Radiance® celebrates the beauty of self-acceptance and inner strength in today’s Black woman, by offering affordable, luxurious formulas with uncompromising color for stunning definition. Black Radiance® enables women of color to be beautiful.

In today's highly digital world, how important are things like beauty tutorials and online contests to your overall consumer marketing strategy?
Very important. We realize that in order to stay relevant in today’s tech savvy world, we must position ourselves in a way that allows us to share the Black Radiance® name digitally. Our digital marketing strategy includes media campaigns, web features, electronic coupons and most importantly, social media interaction.

Our June subscribers will receive your Eye Appeal Lasting Mascara w/ Argan Oil. Tell us about some of the benefits of Argan oil for lashes.
Eye Appeal Lasting Mascara w/ Argan Oil is clinically tested to significantly improve the length, width, and volume of lashes. It moisturizes and conditions coarse or dry textures, while protecting lashes from brittleness and breakage.

How does your team come up with the amazing beauty looks--like The Jungle, Moroccan Ore and Urban Flowers--that are featured at your website?
Our team constantly studies beauty trends that cater to today’s Black woman. Our beauty looks are carefully selected to accentuate an ethnic woman’s skin tone, facial features and beauty appeal.

How can consumers create the perfect glowing beauty look for summer utilizing Black Radiance products?
The perfect glowing beauty look can be achieved by first prepping the face with True Complexion™ Shine Control Primer, then applying an even layer of your shade of True Complexion™ BB Cream SPF 15. You would then use Artisan Color™ Baked Bronzer, sweeping it lightly over the apples of your cheeks, nose and forehead. Apply Urban Identity™ Eye Palette to accentuate eyes with vibrant shades and then define the eyes with Eye Appeal™ Blending Pencil. To further add eye definition use the moisture rich Eye Appeal™ Lasting Mascara with Argan Oil. Finally, using the Dynamic Duo™ Lip Balm & Gloss, add a touch of color to the lips.

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