Inside the Brand: Black Opal

Black Opal Beauty helps consumers to discover the beauty within, by providing a makeup and skincare line developed specifically to address the beauty concerns of women of color. We took a moment to go behind the brand to find out which specific problems Black Opal prides itself on addressing, learn the method behind their approach to multi-hued cosmetic offerings and find out what’s next on the horizon for this creative and technologically-advanced brand.

What targeted need or specific problem does Black Opal pride itself on being the leader in addressing?

Black Opal was established to address the specific skincare and beauty needs of skin of color. The Black Opal Fade Gel serum launched 20 years ago and was the first product of its kind developed in conjunction with an African American dermatologist, Dr. Cheryl Burgess, to address hyper-pigmentation and dark spots without a prescription. Since then, we’ve expanded our portfolio to address men’s skincare concerns such as Pseudofolliculitis barbae (razor bumps and ingrown hairs) and women’s inability to find true-to-hue cosmetic products that fit their skin tones. As a leader in ethnic beauty, Black Opal is a product line that offers a comprehensive portfolio, which addresses all beauty needs for all shades.

Who is the ideal Black Opal consumer? What is her lifestyle like?

The Black Opal consumer is sexy, intelligent and understands the power of her beauty. She has a clear vision of who she is and what she is looking for and isn’t willing to compromise her ideals or principals. She is a woman who exudes confidence and composure. Her self-confidence empowers her beauty. From glamorous and sexy to casual and chic, she is stylish and loves to make a statement. No matter what looks she flaunts, she wants her individuality to take center stage.

As a beauty aficionado, the Black Opal woman wants top-tier beauty and skincare products that are high quality and affordable. These products must also be efficacious and created with her specific needs in mind. Because she always wants to look and feel her best, she demands beauty and skincare items that not only reflect her unique and diverse beauty, they maximize them.

Finding a matching shade of makeup can be one of the toughest things for women of color to accomplish. How did you decide on the 12 shades available for your products?
Black Opal has 12 shades of foundations available to address light to deep skin tones and we will be expanding our portfolio to include fairer shades in the near future. We live in a global multihued society where “one shade does not fit all” and Black Opal serves the beauty needs of women in Dubai, Africa, Australia, Europe, the Caribbean, and the US. We are constantly reanalyzing our shade portfolios to confirm that we are complementing the tones and undertones of our mosaic landscapes.

Digital and social marketing are becoming essential tools for reaching new audiences--particularly younger ones. How do you use these tools to connect with your consumers?
Digital media and social marketing are key to Black Opal’s marketing mix. We tweet, post, and snap daily via our social media pages @blackopalbeauty and we run digital campaigns on all of the major lifestyle and beauty sites. We love social media because it is an immediate connection with our consumer and we get “real time” feedback. She lets us know what she likes, doesn’t like, wishes we would bring back, and what we need to add. We value everything our consumer has to say and incorporate it into our marketing.

What will be the next major event on the Black Opal timeline?
Black Opal has exciting things on the horizon! New color launches in lips and eyes, strategic partnerships in the lifestyle arena and event marketing to engage and connect with our consumers. We want our consumers to know that we are in the mix and on the scene so stay tuned!