Inside the Brand: BB n' Brown

BB n’ Brown gives you the opportunity to find your perfect shade of BB Cream and/or foundation through a custom color-matching process that begins when you send in your photo. Our November subscribers received their BB Cream, and will have an opportunity to save on additional BB n’ Brown products with our exclusive discount code (check below!). We took some time to chat with BB n’ Brown owner and founder, Julie Pittman, to get a bit of info on how the brand got its start. Keep reading to go Inside the Brand.

What inspired the start of BB n' Brown?
BB n’ Brown was created from listening to colleagues and girlfriends vent their frustrations on the difficulties of finding the right makeup shade (for their skin). I created a color for a close friend of mine and she fell in love with it. She began referring all of her friends to me and, well, the rest is history.

The cosmetic industry is very lucrative, and 1 in 5 customers is an ethnic woman. It bothered me that brands were not marketing to such an active demographic. Granted, they do provide shades, but no true color. Too often I hear new clients’ horror stories of buying two foundations to mix for a true shade. Or even worse that makeup would run, clog their pores, or make them appear ashy. That is why it’s our mission to provide all women with a quality choice of makeup that is also beneficial for their skin.

What is BB n' Brown's main purpose?

Our main purpose is to prevent any women from feeling left out. There is a color for everyone here at BB n’ Brown. As women we take pride in our appearance. We love to look good! Due to the properties in our products, even individuals with skin conditions can apply our cream and foundation. So, to sum it up, here at BB n' Brown we believe all women, no matter (their) color or condition, should have access to quality makeup.

How can a woman find her perfect shade from the 13 shades that are available?

Women typically send in a well-lit photo with makeup and we can color match. Once we select the base color we provide a smaller size of the next lighter and darker color.


Tell us about the monthly box element that your brand offers.
What our subscription box offers is fun! And subscribers will always be stocked with their own true color; my past experiences taught me that makeup picks the most unfortunate time to run out. Every box is different, and filled with brushes, makeup, and other goodies. It will have anything and everything cosmetic related—we like to keep our customers surprised.

What else should our subscribers know about the BB Cream they received in their November Boxes?

November’s box includes our Clear (oil control) that can be used in conjunction with our foundation cream. It will keep subscribers fresh, radiant and oil free--just in time for those holiday photos.

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