When we think of glam, we usually think of the perfect lip, fabulous hair and of, course let's not forget about that selfie. Well last Saturday, January 20th, we learned how to be glamorous and ambitious at the same time. COCOTIQUE and, CEO, Dana Hill had the great pleasure of joining Glambition Beauty Night Out 2018, an event hosted and sponsored by Dee & Co. and Google. The event was filled with Beauty Industry Leaders, Influencers, Bloggers, Exhibitors and workshops. We really had a great time meeting the attendees and networking with other Insiders. We were also empowered by meeting so many amazing women that shared their experiences on building their brands. DeeOnStage Check out our interview with Dee Rivera of Dee & Co., the event organizer. We had a chance to speak with her before the event to learn more about Glambition and their commitment to helping women knock down walls with their heels. Glambition-Table
Tell us about Glambition and its commitment to empowering women.

Our goal is to empower women, whether you are a CEO, Author or Startup with workshops, tools, networking events and our platform Glambition is to help them in their journey as well as set them up to WIN.
What is Knocking Down Walls In Heels about?

We created that term and hashtag #KnockingDownWallsInHeels because women wear several shoes as well as many hats….Heels are about feeling powerful. You can walk or run in them, but you are heading to your goal and taking each step to success… There are no elevators… You are knocking down walls in heels and opening doors for those who will follow in those steps.
What inspired you to create this outlet for women?

I think for me, it was an idea and I wanted the name to be something that expressed femininity but also ambition...voila GLAMBITION! Google-Slide
How excited are you about this year's Beauty Night Out?

I'm excited to partner with Google. I love how Google supports women and entrepreneurship, plus they do it for free. They have helped me and my clients tremendously grow our profiles and brand. I'm also excited that Google Coaches is apart of this journey and they are hosting this event. Crowd-Scene
How has this show grown since the first one?

Wow! We've had such an amazing response. I think now we are tapped into all markets, corporate, beauty fashion, books etc... The sky's the limit and doors have opened wide for us! I also feel great to have a team that helps you grow. No one is successful alone. I have an amazing team, advisory board who has really help grow my business. Just to shout out a few of my clients, Esmeralda Cruz, Jose Rodriguez, Tabitha Serrano, and Vera Moore.
What can we expect at this year's show?

Major experts have partnered with us such as New York Beauty and Cosmetology Chamber Of Commerce, Kim Baker of Glamazon Beauty Cosmetics, Jane Carter of Jane Carter Solution, Vera Moore of Vera Moore Cosmetics, Minfo (a NEW APP that helps you connect to your industry) New York Life, who has a program to use Life Insurance to use as a Business equity and COCOTIQUE Beauty Box! We have Media Partners such as Hello Beautiful who always supports us, and of course Google...This is the Hottest ticket in Gotham! Dana_panel
Who are some of your panelists?

Dana Hill, CEO of COCOTIQUE, Vera Moore As Seen On TV Cosmetics + CEO of Vera Moore Cosmetics, Roland Storti who invented an APP called Minfo that is changing the Industry for Beauty Fashion and all types of Businesses. We also have Kim Baker of Glamazon Beauty Cosmetics and a plethora of many others. Dana_twins
What topics are you covering on the panel?

How to Build a Viable Brand, Beauty Is An Asset-How to build your Business and Tools, Google Digital Coaches and Ads 101-How to raise your Profile with Google.
What are you hoping the attendees walk away from the show with?

Knowledge, contacts, inspiration, feeling empowered and of course our coveted VIP SWAG worth $300 and some lucky winners will get a chance to win a COCOTIQUE BEAUTY BOX!!!! Again, this event was a great experience and we're looking forward to the next Beauty Night Out! To keep up with Glambition, you can follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.