How LAW Beauty Essentials Created of Line of 13 Free Nail Polish

What does 13 Free mean? How can nail polish be vegan? Today, many beauty brands are opting to produce products that are not harmful to consumers or the environment. In doing so, they have to eliminate ingredients that researchers have proved to disrupt hormones and are possibly linked to some cancers. We have dedicated our Spring Limited Edition Box to Clean Beauty and have partnered with other women entrepreneurs who all have the same mindset about using wholesome and nourishing ingredients. You will love the full-size Mocha-hontas nail polish that will be a go-to neutral for any season. Find out how Founder, Tanisha Lawrence created LAW Beauty Essentials and what toxic chemicals she doesn’t use in her nail polish. 


How did LAW Beauty Essentials get its start?

Thinking back, for as long as I could remember, my dream job was to be an entrepreneur. I knew that I was more interested in the logistics than the product itself. I also knew that being an entrepreneur, would allow me to oversee all aspects of a company. Next, I thought how could I relate to this dream job and what was I interest in. Then it hit me --I loved nail polish! As I sat in a nail salon one day, twirling a bottle of nail polish in my hand, thinking who came up with this name. That’s when it clicked to me. I wanted to develop my own line of nail polish! I thought, because I do my nails so much and color was important to me that was it. I also peeked over my shoulder to see what colors other people are choosing and why. Then, I suddenly realized the over flowing box of nail polish I had at home. I truly loved nail polish. I thought I could start small, map out the logistics and outline all the details that would go into creating a line. 


Where does the name LAW come from?

My mind was racing with so many different names. So, I went with LAW because my last name is Lawrence. 


What inspired you to make your nail polish vegan friendly, cruelty free, and 13 free?

I was inspired because it was something that I didn’t know anything about. I wanted to use my company as a vessel to educate others.


What chemicals did you avoid when developing our nail polish?

Our 13 free formula does not include Formaldehyde, Toluene, Formaldehyde resin, Camphor, Xylene, Parabens, phthalates, Rosin, Ethyl Tosylamide, TPHP (Triphenyl Phosphate), Triclosan, animal derivatives and cruelty free.  


How harmful are these chemicals?

Researchers have linked these ingredients to cancer if exposed to enough of it over a certain amount of time. 


How long do your nail polishes last?

Our polishes last 7 days with proper nail prep and care.

LAW Beauty Essentials

What can women expect after using your nail polish?

Women can expect to discover a new color they love and a brand that they will want to return to.


You have a lot of great colors. What’s your inspiration behind choosing colors for your line? 

As a small company, I try to reach as many colors across the color wheel chart as I can. Then, I go for those “in between colors”. I like these colors because they are the most unique ones. I also like colors you can wear all season. 


What are your top colors?

Nudes, muted colors, and light colors. I found our “smoking mauve” a muted lavender was our top color.


What nail colors are trending this spring? (please include an image of polished nails/ trends)

Multi- Colored manicures are trending this spring! Using what you have at home became the mentality in 2020 and sure that carried over into 2021. So, up the ante and order more colors online to be delivered to your home to fill up your at-home mani station!


What’s next for LAW Beauty Essentials?

Next for LAW Beauty Essentials, we are revamping our brand. We are looking to improve our caps because while the look of having a cap and brush is lovely, we found that many users were unfamiliar with how to open the polishes. We will have the same great formula but a newer, sleek look. 


What advice can you give other women who want to leave their jobs and their own business?

No matter how long you waited to make the change, it wasn’t in vain. A lot of my preparations came from the discipline I gained from working an actual job. And when it’s time to launch your own business, you’ll know it! It’s never too late. 


Did you have prior experience in the beauty industry?

Beauty has always surrounded me. My mother was a huge fashionista and my two older sisters were makeup artists. While I didn’t work in the industry, living in NYC with two sisters who were in the industry, I was in tune with fashion tips and had VIP access to different fashion and beauty events. 


What has been most rewarding about creating your brand?

It’s most rewarding when someone else recognizes your accomplishments. Sometimes you’re working so hard, moving from one opportunity to the next, trying to take advantage of the momentum, and you don't realize the huge strides your making in your career. So, when someone recognizes your success and highlights it, you stop and realize, you’re doing great and that’s the most rewarding feeling. 


Those who get the Spring Limited Edition Box will get a full-size bottle of LAW Beauty Essentials nail polish. What is the one thing you want them to know?

We are a small indie polish company, with big dreams to make an impact in the nail polish industry. Our colors are unique and we are striving every day to improve our brand. We hope that Mocha-hontas the color chosen for the Spring Limited Edition, will lead you to our side site searching for more! There’s plenty where this one came from! 




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