How Lavender Can Improve Your Skin

Lavender, the fragrant purple flower known for its calming properties, isn't just for aromatherapy. Turns out, this versatile plant can work wonders on your skin too and that’s why we are happy to introduce you to Measurable Difference, one of our brand partners for the November Box. You will love the Refresh & Glow: Lavender Cleanser & Serum Duo Set from this woman owned skincare brand created by and for women. This duo set is designed to clean skin from everyday impurities, make up, and excess oils. Made with Collagen + Retinol + Lavender, this perfected formula will help improve skin elasticity, smooth out fine lines, and clear acne. Find out more about how your skin can look and feel fresh, plump and healthy and get empowering, entrepreneurial tips from Founder, Helga Arminak. 

How did Measurable Difference get its start?

Measurable Difference is a woman owned, a woman created, and a women empowering brand that encourages all women to feel comfortable in their own skin by enhancing their natural beauty, not covering it up. 

What inspired your brand’s name?

Measurable Difference was inspired by a refugee who emigrated to the United states at an early age and who created an encouraging success story for all women by championing self-care and self-love through skincare and body care products. 

How important is clean beauty to you?

Helga’s dream is to make all women feel empowered, strong, and encouraged inside and out by making sure self-care is included into our daily and nightly routine the same way we add a new skincare product to skincare routine. 

What inspired the Refresh & Glow Lavender & Serum Duo Set?

What inspired the Refresh & Glow Lavender & Serum Duo Set is the ability to unwind while you cleanse and tree your skin with the Lavender Cleanser & Serum Duo Set. 

Why is lavender such a good ingredient for skincare products?

Lavender oil is a calming and soothing antimicrobial oil with antioxidant defense.

Other than lavender, what are the other key ingredients in each of these products?

What are the key ingredients of Cleanser and Serum and their benefits:


• LAVENDER OIL: A calming and soothing antimicrobial oil with antioxidant defense.
• COLLAGEN: Improves elasticity and firmness of the skin, while promoting healthy moisture retention for the complexion.
• RETINOL: Helps to combat the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and uneven skin texture.

Is the Refresh & Glow: Lavender Cleanser & Serum Duo Set for all skin types?

It’s perfect for combination, dry, balanced skin types.

What other products from your brand can you suggest for our subscribers to use with Refresh & Glow Duo Set?

Our Collagen & retinol serum helps reduce the look of fine lines, wrinkles, uneven tone and texture.

What advice would you give other women who want to become entrepreneurs?

  • Choose a business aligned with your passions and strengths
  • Build a supportive network and stay updated on industry strengths
  • Define realistic short-term goals
  • Understand basic financial principals for informed decisions 
  • Don’t fear risks – learn and adapt from failures
  • Develop strong communication skills
  • Prioritize task and manage your time effectively
  • Be confident in advocating for your ideas and worth
  • Maintain a work-life balance and be open to change 
  • Connect with experience mentors for guidance

What’s next for Measurable Difference?

Looking to grow our skincare line & create new organic formulas with sustainable packaging. 

Our subscribers who get the November Box will get the Refresh & Glow Lavender & Serum Duo Set. What is the one thing you want them to know?

Embrace the soothing power of lavender and the rejuvenating effects of the serum. Pamper your skin with this duo for a refreshing and radiant glow.

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