How K-Beauty Is Changing Skincare

K-beauty, or Korean skincare, has taken the global beauty industry by storm in recent years, and for good reason. Its emphasis on gentle, effective skincare practices and innovative ingredients has led to a surge in popularity among consumers worldwide. 

We are happy to partner with a brand that started in South Korea in 2009 by a dedicated team of dermatologists and introduce you to their Coconut Bio Cellulose Mask. Along with their team of dermatologist, Leaders Cosmeticsresearch and development team created a plethora of innovative and sustainable skincare products for all skin types. The November Box has an assortment of Bio Cellulose Masks for different skincare concerns: (Amazonian Acai Revitalizing Mask,Caribbean Coconut Calming MaskMediterranean Olive Brightening MaskKalahari Melon Moisturizing Mask, and Australian Kakadu Plum Anti-Oxidant Mask) all made with sustainable materials. Find out more about these clean formula masks and how you can add them to your skincare regimen.

How did Leaders get its start?

Leaders is a dermatologist-founded brand based in South Korea, the origin of the hot K-beauty trends that are taking the world by storm. Drawing on client feedback, Leaders Cosmetics skin doctors developed high-performing formulas and products that clients could use to treat their skin at home.

What inspired your brand’s name?

Our brand’s name was inspired by the drive to be the industry leaders in K-beauty skincare cosmetics.

Talk to us about your sustainable skincare mask.

Our sustainable skincare mask was developed to reduce our carbon footprint while utilizing the most natural material available in sheet mask products. We searched far and wide for rare botanicals to incorporate into natural formulas to infuse into our coconut bio ferment raw material. The result was our 7 Wonders line, with each high-performing formula targeted to a specific skin concern.

What does biocellulose mean?

Biocellulose is an organic, biodegradable material that’s 100% composed of natural fibers.

What are the skincare benefits of biocellulose?

Biocellulose is free of chemicals and toxins, highly absorbent, and highly effective in delivery of skincare ingredients. It adheres like a second skin, allowing ingredients to penetrate the skin’s deeper layers.

How often can should you use a mask?

Our Daily Wonders line is safe for daily use. We recommend using our masks once or twice every week to target and treat specific concerns based on the skin’s condition.

The November Box has an assortment of masks in it. Can you tell us what each of these masks’ specialties are?


Amazonian Acai Revitalizing Mask

Amazonian Açai from Brazil is an antioxidant powerhouse that neutralizes the effects of pollution on the skin. Vitamins C, B, and E revitalize and help fortify the skin barrier.

• Reduces the effects of pollution on skin
• Removes impurities
• Neutralizes skin-damaging free radicals


Caribbean Coconut Calming Mask

Glow naturally like a Caribbean queen! Coconut extract strengthens the skin barrier and boosts hydration. Coconut oil soothes dry skin locking in moisture, relieves inflammation and irritation, and zaps unfriendly bacteria.

• Dry, sensitive skin
• Inflamed, irritated skin

• Anti-inflammatory
• Purifying
• Hydrating + nourishing


Mediterranean Olive Brightening Mask

Our brightening mask is infused with olive oil to nourish and fade dark spots, leaving your skin dewy and glowing like the mighty Aphrodite you are! Olive oil, used in ancient Mediterranean beauty rituals, brightens dull, lifeless skin and helps promote even skin tone. Rich in powerful antioxidants, olive oil fights free radicals and repairs damage from environmental aggressors.

• Dull, lifeless skin
• Uneven skin tone
• Dark spots, hyperpigmentation


Kalahari Melon Moisturizing Mask

Kalahari melon oil with linoleic, oleic, and palmitic fatty acids reinforces your skin’s barrier function and locks in moisture.

• Textured skin
• Dry skin

• Brightens dull & tired skin
• Improves uneven skin tone
• Visibly reduces dark spots
• Nourishes with vitamins A, C & antioxidants

Australian Kakadu Plum Anti-Oxidant Mask

Australian Kakadu plum aka Murunga fights free radicals like a badass and strengthens the skin barrier mighty strong.

• Acne prone skin with blemishes
• Dark spots and dark circles
• Dull skin tone

• Brightens + fades dark spots
• Minimizes fine lines + wrinkles
• Reduces inflammation caused by acne

How many other sheet masks do you offer?

We offer a diverse range of sheet masks, totaling 58 high-performing products catering to all skin types.

Are these sheet masks for all skin types?

Our sheet masks are safe for all skin types but targeted to specific skincare concerns in their active ingredients. 

When you say, all skin types, what do you mean specifically?

We cater to all skin types: acne prone, sensitive, oily, combination, dry, normal, aging, textured, hyperpigmented, etc.

What are your top 5 selling sheet masks?

Our 5 top selling sheet masks are:

What’s next for Leaders Cosmetics?

Leaders Cosmetics products are backed by clinical research and are on the cutting edge of skin science. We have new product drops in the works for 2024, including hero postbiotic skin barrier repairing solutions for sensitive skin and toner pads with tea tree as the star ingredient.

Those who get the November Box will get your sheet mask. What is the one thing you want them to know?

We want those who get our sheet mask in COCOTIQUE’s November Box to know Leaders Cosmetics develops clean, sustainable products with the health and beauty of consumers’ skin as our top priority.

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