We wanted to share with you what's going on in our world, as well as thank all of you who participated in our past survey for HairRx, one of our brand partners from our October 2018 Box, We found that the majority of you prefer wearing your hair natural and feel it’s important to be able to customize your hair products. Read all about how this huge trend is taking natural hair care to the next level.


Survey of Women of Color Finds Majority Prefer Natural Hair and Customized Formulas

COCOTIQUE and HairRx Advanced Hair Care Collaborate to Provide Ultimate Customization Experience

Philadelphia, March 20, 2018 – A new report shows an overwhelming majority of women of color surveyed prefer to wear their hair natural. 70 percent of the 1,200 women who participated in the COCOTIQUE Subscriber Survey said they prefer to wear their hair natural, which was defined as curly, coily, kinky or fro. 11 percent prefer relaxed or protective styles. 6 percent prefer to straighten their hair with heat, and 2 percent prefer locs.

COCOTIQUE, a deluxe beauty box subscription service for women of color and HairRx Advanced Hair Care, which is dedicated to fulfilling the hair care customization wishes and shopping preferences of women ages 30 and up, collaborated to prepare the 2018 Women of Color Hair Care Report.

84 percent of respondents think it’s important to be able to customize their hair care products. The survey also showed that 98 percent of women of color feel it’s important that their hair care products are paraben free, sulfate free and safe for chemically treated hair. When the same survey asked them what they thought of the customization concept of HairRx Advanced Hair Care, 96 percent said they would recommend HairRx to a friend, and 92 percent would purchase it.

“Customization is a strong trend in hair care, especially among women of color,” says Dana Hill, Founder and CEO, COCOTIQUE. “Women of color have a wide range of textures and it’s difficult to determine which product works best for a particular texture. It’s important for companies to embrace and celebrate this uniqueness. Companies like HairRx, that offer options for customers to find products for their specific hair types and concerns, will win in the marketplace.”

Other report findings include:

  • 90 percent prefer luxurious lather in a shampoo, as opposed to light lather.

  • When it comes to scent, 39 percent prefer coconut, 22 percent love lavender, 16 percent enjoy jasmine, 12 percent like citrus and 10 percent would choose vanilla.

“Survey respondents indicate a wide variety of preferences, which is why HairRx provides 165 formulations, each designed to address specific hair care goals and wishes,” says Ellen Langas, Co-CEO of ProfilePro LLC, the parent company of HairRx. “We constantly invite customer feedback and utilize survey results like this, so we can provide the ultimate customization experience."

At, customers answer a short series of questions focused on their unique hair care goals, scent and lather preferences. Individual profiles are instantly matched to the ideal shampoos and conditioners culled from 165 formulas. HairRx also offers a broad assortment of styling and finishing formulas. In addition, customers may choose from eight different HairRx Home Hair Salon™ sets, which offer curated collections of shampoos, conditioners and styling formulas in attractive organizers.

HairRx offers 10-ounce shampoo and conditioner duos for $24 at All HairRx Advanced Hair Care formulas are sulfate free, paraben free, and safe for chemically treated hair.

The HairRx concept was inspired by ProfilePro LLC co-founders Joe Segel, who is the founder of QVC, and Jodi Dery, owner of award-winning salons in Boca Raton and Delray, Florida. Dery was surprised to see that her stylists were mixing different shampoos to create customized formulas for their most discerning clients. Realizing there must be a better way, Dery and Segel joined forces to create the ultimate hair care customization experience. They collaborated with an elite group of highly skilled cosmetic chemists in Italy known for developing hair care formulas for the world’s most prestigious brands. The formulas were then previewed by more than 3,000 hair stylists, tested and refined.


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About HairRx LLC and ProfilePro LLC

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