Miss Jessie’s Hair Care products have not only taken the industry by storm, they have also set the tone for catering to textured and multicultural hair. Their dedication to hair care, became an answer for what was once considered to be hard to manage and untamable hair. No matter if you have coily, curly, kinky or wavy hair, you can count on the proven curl experts to perfect your style. We had a chance to meet with Co-Founder and pioneer, Miko Branch and she walked us through her product line of new and core conditioners and styling products. Miko also talked about the inspiration behind Miss Jessie’s and the brand’s commitment to hair care. We’re really excited to introduce you to two of Miss Jessie’s hair care products, Jelly Soft Curls and Leave In Condish in the July Box. Read on and get the tea from Miko Branch herself on how these products will work for your hair.
COCOTIQUE: What inspired you to develop a system with multiple hair care products?
Miko: In the early 2000's when there were hardly any product options for natural and curly hair, my sister Titi Branch and I took to our kitchen table and created magic in a jar with ground breaking products like Curly Pudding, Curly Meringue and Baby Buttercreme. We knew it was important to create a line specifically for a natural and curly hair to inspire primarily women to embrace their God given textures during a time when many of us were not intimately connected to our original curl patterns. We were dedicated to spreading the good word that our hair was "good" and not "bad" and armed our customers with curly hair solutions that truly worked! Now, curly and natural textured styles are preferred a we all rock our hair with pride and glory! On your next washday, try the pillow pack sample of the Leave In Condish. You can count on this lightweight leave in to fight frizz while coating your curls and locking in an extra layer of moisture. Check out Miko’s responses below:
COCOTIQUE: Is this Leave In for all hair types?
Miko: Yes! Leave In Condish is for everyone! It's rich and decadent non-greasy formula is the perfect style prep and detangler for all hair types. Apply a little or a lot and you will experience magic in bottle.
COCOTIQUE: What can we expect after using?
Miko: Your hair will be detangled, moisturized and your curls will be comb-able. Then you can pair with any of our styling products leaving your hair supple and soft.
COCOTIQUE: You have a great assortment of styling products. What can you suggest after using the Leave In Condish?
Miko: Miss Jessie's Honey Curls, Coily Custard, Jelly Soft Curls, Pillow Soft Curls, MultiCultural Curls, Baby Buttercreme, Gloss So Good and Miss Jessie's Curls So Fresh. After using the Leave In Condish, you can try the Jelly Soft Curls, one of Miko’s recommendations. Check out what Miko has to say about this crunch free gel that will leave your curls defined with a soft to medium hold.
COCOTIQUE: Is this styling product for all hair types?
Miko: Yes, Jelly Soft Curls is for all hair types. This non-greasy formula works magic on all textures because of its universal softness that works well on all curls, coils and waves.
COCOTIQUE: How often should we use Jelly Soft Curls before washing?
Miko: Use Jelly Soft Curls Once after washing hair
COCOTIQUE: Should this product be coupled with any other Miss Jessie’s product to achieve a desired style?
Miko: You can use Jelly Soft Curls as a styler, but if you pair it with Miss Jessie's Leave In Condish or Baby Buttercreme as a base you will get buttery soft curls.
COCOTIQUE: What’s new for Miss Jessie’s?
Miko: We have a few new product launches that we’re very excited about like; Honey Curls, Hold Me Down, Gloss So Good, Curls SoFresh, and Grow Strong Mafura Hair Oil. To keep up with Miss Jessie’s and their new product launches, follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.