If you are on the hunt for a good lip balm this season, we’ve got you covered with the Mongo Kiss Vanilla Honey Lip Balm from ECO LIPS in the December Box. You’ll definitely want to get your hands on this super nourishing lip balm. Your lips will thank us later for the smooth application of creamy Mongongo Oil that glides on evenly and doesn’t change textures in colder temperatures. You’ll also appreciate Eco Lips’ global initiative on how they are supporting the environment and giving back to their partners in Africa who help them produce Mongo Kiss. Read all about our conversation with this exciting brand, their eco commitment and the benefits of Mongongo Oil.
How did the brand get its start?
Eco Lips started with a husband-wife duo in a small kitchen. Everything was filled by hand and contained clean, organic ingredients. Organic products were not prevalent at the time, so their product was revolutionary. As the creators of the first certified original organic lip balm, our family-owned company has expanded our line over time to encompass lifestyle and beauty products. All Eco Lips products are made with wind power offsets & solar energy and feature ingredients that are fair trade, gluten-free and cruelty-free.
What is Mongongo Oil and what are its benefits?
Mongongo oil comes from the Maketti tree of Africa, and is the star ingredient in our Mongo Kiss lip balm. The benefits of mongongo oil are plentiful:
  • It's a super emollient meaning that it has extreme skin softening properties
  • It lasts longer on your skin than coconut oil and jojoba oil because of its high amount of polyunsaturated fatty acids, and prevents moisture from escaping pores
  • Calms inflammation and redness of the skin
  • Linoleic acid and magnesium give the skin a natural grow and makes skin appear younger
  • Contains the essential fatty acids and vitamins necessary for your skin to create a flexible barrier that can also prevent and repair any damage to the skin
Where is this rich oil sourced from?
It is sourced from a rural village in Africa. The Mongongo or Maketti Tree is a member of the Euphorbia family. A large, spreading tree, it reaches 15-20 meters tall and is found on wooded hills and amongst sand dunes, particularly on Kalahari sand soils.
Is Mongongo Oil safe for all skin types?
Yes, great for those with allergies
How many flavors does the Mongo Kiss Lip Balm come in?
8 fruity flavors! Acai Berry, Pomegranate, Yumberry, Vanilla Honey, Unflavored, Peppermint, Banana, Blood Orange
What are your top 3 flavors?
Vanilla Honey, Blood Orange, Peppermint
Please talk to us about your eco commitment to creating your products.
All Eco Lips products are made with wind power offsets & solar energy and feature ingredients that are fair trade, gluten-free and cruelty-free. As a B-corp, we take customer satisfaction, product effectiveness, and good-for-the-world ethos seriously. Our mission is to satisfy the needs of customers. Eco Lips has been the first to market several innovative organic lip care products and packages. With environmental initiatives in place, a focused marketing and sales strategy, award winning packaging, and a relaxed, yet productive work environment, Eco Lips is making its way around the world, one set of lips at a time. Our product packaging and shipping materials evolve as we do into cleaner, eco-friendlier alternatives. We use recyclable lip balm containers made with 30% less plastic than traditional balm tubes & recycled aluminum carabiner clips for our Eco Clips.
You also give back to the community of women who pick the mongongo fruits in Africa.
Yes, with every purchase of Mongo Kiss, you’re directly supporting our partners in Africa. These women hand-pick wild mongongo fruits and extract the seeds manually. The income from the Mongongo nut harvesting makes a difference in the lives of the entire village providing income where there was little before.
What other products from your brand can you suggest to our subscribers?
Lip Food is a nutrient-dense lip balm. Each lip balm in this collection contains carefully curated ingredients like spirulina algae extract, pumpkin seed oil, and chamomile mushroom extract that provide nutritive benefits that nourish, protect, or plump the lips. If you’re looking for a tinted product, our Lip + Cheek Tints are vegan multi-tasking beauty balms have a smooth lightweight formula that deliver the perfect pop of natural color to lips and cheeks. Perfect for a contouring, highlighting, lip color, blush or eye shadow! Organic jojoba, coconut oil and organic, Fair Trade Certified™ cocoa butter moisturize and protect.
What’s next for Eco Lips?
We have always been one step of the game when it comes to product and package innovation. Our future plans revolve around our goal of becoming a zero-waste facility with packaging that is eco-conscious and recyclable. Expect exciting product and packaging launches in 2020.
Each of our subscribers will receive a full size Mongo Kiss Vanilla Honey Lip Balm. What is the one thing you want to leave with them?
We’re more than just a lip balm company – we are the best lip balm for the world. Eco Lips searches the globe for the purest, highest quality certified organic ingredients available. There are no shortcuts in creating great products. We never test our products on animals and never use carmine, gluten or lanolin in any of our products – no fillers because we care about your lips and the planet. USE OUR EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT CODE MONGOCOCO FOR 15% OFF ALL MONGO KISS LIP BALMS AT ECOLIPS.COM - EXPIRES FEBRUARY 29, 2020 To keep up with Eco Lips, you can follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.