Discover The Perfect Must-Have Travel Size Toothpaste

If you are looking for the perfect travel size that will protect and whiten your teeth, then you are going to love Davids Premium Travel Size Toothpaste in the April 2023 COCOTIQUE Box. Not only did this brand create the perfect size tube for your travels, they also use the best natural ingredients that are rated "1" by EWG (best rating possible) for ingredient safety. Check out all of the benefits in this Sensitive+Whitening toothpaste below and why this is a must-have for your toiletry bag: 


  • TSA compliant travel size
  • nano-hydroxyapatite (n-HA) to repair sensitive teeth + remineralize enamel
  • natural whitening / antiplaque / fresh breath
  • high performance safe + clean ingredients
  • fluoride free
  • SLS free
  • recyclable metal tube
  • premium natural peppermint oil flavoring
  • proudly made in USA

In 2011, Davids founder, Eric David Buss, began looking into the ingredients being used in the "natural" toothpaste he was using, and found that many of the ingredients being used were unhealthy. After looking for a better alternative, and not happy with what was available, a "simple" idea of creating his own toothpaste was formed. This initial idea turned into a four-year obsession to develop the very best natural toothpaste possible and in 2015 Davids was launched. 

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