Discover the Benefits of the Defend Purifying Bubble Mask

When it comes to skincare, we tend to look for products that are made with healthy ingredients that are moisturizing and anti-aging. Thanks to Naomi Furgiuele, a former VP of Face and Sun R&D who traveled the globe for almost two decades for some of the biggest pharmaceutical companies, we are excited  to introduce you to Nuria Beauty. Coupled with her passion for sustainability, Naomi decided to take a risk and set an example for her kids when she launched her brand. We are loving  this global beauty ritual brand and their amazing  Defend Purifying Bubble Mask with Green Tea native to China that’s featured in the August 2021 Box.  Made with naturally powerful ingredients like Green Tea, this mask will help protect your skin from environmental stressors. This mask will even help with maskne, a new concern that many of us are experiencing today with everyday mask wearing. Find out more about this brand’s holistic approach to clean beauty and how this 5-10-minute gentle mask can help improve all skin types.

How did Nuria get its start?

Nuria was born out of my experiences traveling the world and speaking with women about themselves and their families. I found that women around the world really connect over their skincare and I wanted to help make that positive connection. I discovered that women recognized their skin health as a reflection of their lifestyle and environment, not a static skin type. Whether they faced rough skin due to Europe’s cold climates, or dullness due to environmental stressors in Asia, these women turned to time-tested, local, plant-based ingredients to create their own solutions based on what their skin needed to be healthy. These skin problems are truly universal, and I knew women everywhere could benefit from these gems of skincare wisdom.  

At the same time, I also frequently confronted the reality that many women lacked equal opportunities within their culture, often stemming from a lack of education and professional development early in life. In 2018, I founded Nuria with a mission to connect women globally, to share our skincare wisdom with each other, and to help girls achieve their full potential. As a part of my mission, I am proud that Nuria donates a portion of every sale to She's the First, a non-profit that fights gender inequality by providing education to girls.

What was your inspiration for creating the Defend Purifying Bubble Mask?

Women in Korea, Japan, China, and other parts of Asia have been using sheet masks as a part of their beauty rituals for generations. Masks are such an important and often daily step in their beauty rituals because they help form a barrier and hold moisture and powerful ingredients against the skin to deliver benefits. I was inspired to create a cleansing sheet mask for Nuria – one that would deeply clean the skin while delivering nutrients at the same time. During a trip to China, I used a green tea mud mask and was amazed when I enjoyed days of glowing skin, and from this experience the Nuria Purifying Bubble Mask was born

What are the key ingredients in this purifying mask? What are the benefits of these key ingredients?

The mask contains three key, powerful naturals:

  1. Green Tea is a powerful antioxidant known to fight external stressors and helps reveal healthy-looking skin. 
  2. Charcoal draws dirt and other micro-particles to the surface of skin, helping you to achieve a flawless complexion. Charcoal binds to the toxins which you can then gently rinse away. 
  3. Apple Juice Amino Acids help to gently exfoliate skin and leave it feeling soft and conditioned. 

How long has green tea been used to make skincare products?

The earliest documented use of green tea is as a beverage dating back nearly 5,000 years! Traditionally, green tea is consumed as an herbal remedy to help with a long list of health concerns. Hundreds of years ago, women started using green tea in skincare when they discovered that it helped improve dull, tired looking skin – they were experiencing the benefits of the polyphenols in green tea, powerful antioxidants that help to protect skin cells against oxidative damage from external stressors and reveal healthy-looking skin. 

Is the Defend Purifying Bubble Mask for all skin types?

Yes, the Purifying Bubble Mask is for all skin types, and is especially beneficial for rough skin, dry damaged skin, and skin exposed to external stressors, such as air pollution and the sun.

Nuria Defend Purifying Bubble Mask for all skin types

How do you use this mask?

Place mask on your face and leave it on for 5 – 10 minutes. You will feel and see tiny bubbles gently lifting away dirt, oil, and impurities from your skin. Gently remove the mask and rinse with water.

How often can you use this mask?

Each mask is single use. You can use a mask once a day if you’d like! 

What can women expect after using the Defend Purifying Bubble Mask?

You can expect clean, purified skin after every use, without being dry or tight. Your skin will look and feel soft and glowing thanks to the green tea and apple amino acids. 

What other products from Nuria can you suggest to use with the Defend Purifying Bubble Mask?

The Defend Skin Restoring Serum and Overnight Recovery Cream are great companions to the Purifying Bubble Mask. The serum contains carrot seed oil, called a "miracle oil" because of its glow-boosting and skin rejuvenating benefits. Carrot seed oil has been used in skincare rituals across Asia for generations and containing a high concentrations of beta carotene, a precursor of Vitamin A, providing natural skin protection and helping address skin damage that has already been done. With a few drops you get all-day antioxidant protection to restore your glow and fight dullness caused by environmental toxins, stress, and lack of sleep. I also recommend the Overnight Recovery Cream powered by ingredients from the mineral-rich waters of coastal Japan. This creamy night cream is infused with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals from seaweed and brown algae and helps fight against damage caused by environmental aggressors. It works during the natural overnight repair process to help replenish dry, damaged skin so you wake up with a refreshed, visibly smoother, glowing complexion.

What are the top 3 skincare concerns that you hear the most?

I hear a lot of concern over troubled skin – clogged pores, oil control problems, and breakouts. While we wish we could leave these skin concerns behind after our teen years, the reality is that many of us struggle with troubled skin over the course of our lives because of hormone changes, environmental stressors, and internal stressors that impact our skin health. The second biggest skin concern that I hear about is skin sensitivity – so many people experience uncomfortable, inflamed skin and have concern over picking skincare products that will work with their skin. And finally, I hear a lot about finding sun production for skin that doesn’t make your face look ghostly or dull and that works for everyday use, especially under make up. 

What products from Nuria can you suggest to combat these concerns?

Our Rescue Pore Minimizing Toner is an absolute game changer for troubled skin. We have received feedback from people struggling breakouts, clogged pores, and even hormonal acne who have experienced clearer, brighter skin by using this tea tree oil toner daily.

At Nuria, we take a holistic approach to clean beauty, so that even our customers with sensitive skin can be reassured that our products don’t contain ingredients that will cause irritation. We carefully select each and every ingredient, so you don’t have to worry about what’s in (and not in) your skincare products. There are over 1300 ingredients on Nuria’s “made without” list, including parabens, phthalates, formaldehydes, formaldehyde-releasing agents, and other irritants, and our fragrances don’t use any of the EU listed allergens. We clinically test every single formula with a dermatologist to ensure that each product is safe and gentle. For our consumers who don’t like fragrance, we developed our Calm line which contains no added fragrance and was clinically shown to be safe on people with sensitive skin.

For sun protection, in 2021 we launched our Matte Finish Daily Moisturizer with All-Mineral SPF 30. We are so proud of this innovation because it is an all-mineral, reef-safe SPF that is weightless and sheer on all skin tones! Powered by antioxidant and youth protecting Peach Flower and Euphrasia extracts, it shields the skin from aggressors like UVA/UVB rays and pollution, and flawlessly layers on top of other treatments and under makeup.

What’s next for Nuria?

For the holiday season we are launching a new kit of adorable minis of some Nuria favorites. 100% of the proceeds from this kit will go to She’s the First and support the education of girls all around the world who are the first in their family to finish high school. 

Subscribers who get the August Box will get a Defend Purifying Bubble Mask. What is the one thing you want them to know?

Masking is not only for your skin, but also beneficial for your mental health! Skincare self-care is a great way reduce your stress, which ultimately improves the look and feel of your skin!


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