Discover the Benefits of Face Rolling

Face rolling is one of the latest beauty trends that not only benefits the skin, it can also help with circulation and the lymphatic system to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and puffiness. Jade rollers, specifically have been used since the 7th century in China as part of their traditional skincare routines. We are happy to introduce you to this amazing beauty tool in our June Box from AfterSpa. We sat down with our brand partners and they gave us the scoop about what inspired them to create an at-home spa brand and how to use the Mini Jade Facial Roller for your next self-care day.
How did Afterspa get its start?
Afterspa was born in 2014 after a beauty show in Bologna, Italy. I was inspired to developed this brand so the beauty industry and wellness enthusiast can take the spa experience home.
What inspired the brand’s name?
The need to have an experience after a Spa Experience ☺
What are the benefits of using a Jade Roller on the skin?
The jade roller is known to aid in blood circulation, anti-inflammation and caters in product absorption. Also, it’s important to note that our Jade Rollers are made of xiuyan jade (from a place in Northern China). The literal Chinese meaning of jadeite and nephrite which are derivatives of xiuyan jade is hard jade for jadeite and nephrite Jade is known to be a softer version of jade.
How should the Jade Roller be used?
You should use it paired with a serum or face oil for the best results although it can be used alone. You gently roll the jade roller all over the face beginning from the bottom and working the jade roller up evenly around your face.
Is there anything that should not be used with it?
It shouldn’t be used on your skin if it hasn’t been freshly cleansed. Also, it’s not for products like a toner or a body lotion. Only use products that are made for your face and moisturizing.
How often should it be used?
We recommend to use the roller 1-2 per day for a few minutes to see the best results from the jade roller over time.
Is there any particular way to clean it?
When you clean the jade roller, it’s best to use warm water with a dime sized amount of soap or cleanser then rinse thoroughly until you use it the next time.
How should the jade roller be stored?
The jade roller should be stored in a well-ventilated area to protect the integrity of the usage of the product to prevent bacteria build up on the roller.
We just love your Mini Jade Facial Roller. What other products from your brand can you suggest?
Our Mini Makeup Remover has been the customer pick in many countries as well as our Facial Mini Scrubber. We believe they are just top of the line!
Where can Afterspa be found?
It can be found in HEB in Texas as well as selected CVS stores nationwide. We can also be found in many local Kroger stores, as well & online retailers or
What’s next for Afterspa?
We are developing a lot of new natural products, so the horizon looks green!
Subscribers will receive a Mini Jade Facial Roller in the June Box. What is the one thing you want them to know?
That rolling is a new way to maintain the skin looking youthful and Spa at home is most certainly Afterspa’s way of self-care at home. To keep up with Afterspa you can follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.