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When it comes to sustainability and beauty, the two don’t seem to be an ideal match, but quite the opposite. Have you ever thought about the amount of packaging that we discard on a daily bias? Where does all of the plastic really go and how can we make a difference? We are excited to introduce you to Brazilian Queen Hair and Founder, Adriana Irby for our WOC Limited Edition Box. We just love what Adriana is doing for the environment with her reusable, cruelty-free 3D Mink Eyelashes. You will definitely get your glam on with these gorgeous lashes and because they are reusable, you too will also contribute to saving mother earth by reducing the amount of packaging that goes to our landfills. Read all about how this WOC Entrepreneur started her business and how to maintain reusable eyelashes.

How did Brazilian Queen Hair get its start?

Brazilian Queen Cosmetics is a woman-owned LLC founded in 2018 by Brazilian-American entrepreneur, Adriana Irby. We started our services importing hair extensions from Brazil. However, our luxurious eyelashes have been leading in sales since day one! Within a year, we featured our eyelashes on TV, magazines, and online publications. Our mission is to provide affordable and high-quality products to women of all ethnicities.

What inspired a 3D lash?

Eyelashes are such feminine accessories, but Adriana always had difficulty finding a style suitable to the shape of her small eyes. After much research, and through computer technology, we developed an eyelash collection ideal for women of all ethnicities.

Why Mink?

Mink eyelashes are the most durable and natural-looking eyelashes. Brazilian Queen Eyelashes are cruelty-free, FDA certified, washable, and reusable. They are dramatic, fluffy, and comfortable to wear. For our Vegan clients, we offer a Magnetic Silk version that is Synthetic and reusable as well. Differently from ordinary eyelashes, Brazilian Queen eyelashes are reusable multiple times. Also, we decrease by 75% the amount of plastic in your packaging.

Wow reusable lashes! That’s really great for the environment. How many uses can you get out of them?

All Brazilian Queen products are reusable and recyclable. Brazilian Queen Mink Eyelashes are reusable up to 50 times, and Brazilian Queen Silk Magnetic is reusable 30+ times. Our Eyeshadow makeup collection is creamy, and they can be used as lip balm and hair glitter as well.

How long will they last?

If well maintained and sterilized, Brazilian Queen lashes can last a long time. For better results, use Brazilian Queen Lash Foam to disinfect them.

What tips can you give to help maintain the life of the lashes?

Use Mascara before eyelash application, and a curler to blend your natural lashes to faux eyelashes. Also, by washing your fake eyelashes with lash shampoo, it will extend the durability of the lashes and prevent germs growth.

For those who have trouble applying lashes, can you offer some easy instructions to help them?

We offer the Silk Magnetic Eyelashes that are super easy and fast to use for our inexperienced clients! The magnetic eyeliner is filled with minerals that are naturally attracted by the magnets on the eyelashes. We offer dramatic, medium, and light flare. Our styles come in Silk or Mink versions.

Where can we find Brazilian Queen Hair?

You can shop on our website or our catalog.

What type of glue do you recommend?

For clients that are allergic, we recommend latex-free eyelash glue.

What advice can you give other women who want to start a business?

Find out what you’re passionate about, make good connections, reach out to your local Chamber of Commerce, learn about your business, and ask questions. The YWCA has excellent resources for women entrepreneurs and young women programs.

What’s next for Brazilian Queen Hair?

We are planning on expanding our cosmetic line by developing new Brazilian-inspired eyeshadow palettes and developing a glue eyeliner to facilitate the Mink eyelash application.

Customers will receive a set of 3D Mink Eyelashes in the WOC Limited Edition Box. What is the one thing you want to leave them with?

Every customer will find inside the eyelash containers a 25% off coupon discount.


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