Discover Smart Beauty With BioRepublic’s Biocellulose Mask

Brighten your skin with the first-ever biocellulose mask from BioRepublic. We are happy to introduce you to this high-performance skincare brand and their Bright & Glowing Organic Facial Sheet Mask in the March Box. If you are looking to incorporate smart beauty into your skincare routine, start with this organic sheet mask made with orange juice, pomegranate extract, and lactic acid to gently resurface and brighten your skin. Find out more about this certified organic uniquely made mask and how it can work for your skin.  

How did BioRepublic get its start?

While working across Asia, entrepreneur Justin Hong discovered sheet masks. A facial treatment commonly seen in Korean cosmetic shops, pharmacies, salons, and department stores. Unlike the traditional cream or clay masks popular in the States, sheet masks offered immediate, noticeable results in only 20 minutes. They could contain various ingredients, treating skin issues from dryness to blemishes. But, there was one problem: most Korean masks were formulated with parabens, sulfates, triclosan, and other nasty ingredients that Justin simply refused to put on his skin. Not being one to accept the status quo, Justin immediately created his line of sheet masks. BioRepublic is inspired by these Korean products, but formulated with America’s demand for safe, natural skincare. Justin’s vision soon became a reality. BioRepublic’s organic options are the first and only USDA-certified organic sheet masks. All BioRepublic SkinCare products are free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and triclosan. Our sheet masks are 100% cruelty-free, dermatologist-tested, and transparent

What does smart beauty mean to you?

Smart Beauty is all about offering consumers a skincare brand that perfectly fits their day-to-day schedule, but it’s also effective. BioRepublic is not only effective because of the high quality of the ingredients we use, but it’s also affordable and available for everybody. Our mission is to empower people to make clean and conscious choices that bring joy to their daily rituals.

What does biocellulose mean?

Biocellulose is a natural super-thin fiber, developed initially as artificial skin to treat severe burns and wounds. Biocellulose is grown in a lab by tiny bacteria that convert glucose into cellulose, forming the fibers that make up the fabric of the sheet masks.

Biocellulose fabrics can hold lots of fluid - up to 100 times their dry weight. After the Biocellulose fibers are woven into a fabric and cut into a sheet mask, the mask is preloaded with nourishing ingredients for healthy, glowing skin.

  • Masks made from Biocellulose will not rip or tear.
  • Biocellulose is toxin-free, while paper masks are often treated with chemicals.
  • Biocellulose fibers can both absorb and donate moisture and liquids, making them the perfect carrier for delivering nourishing ingredients to your skin.
  • Biocellulose masks cling to the skin, meaning they get into every little part of your face, and they won’t dry out during use. All of this means deeper ingredient penetration.

What was the inspiration behind the biocellulose mask?

As mentioned before, biocellulose is a natural fiber that has been used for a long time in treating severe burns and chronic wounds. Due to its effectiveness, high performance, and ability to absorb and donate moisture and liquids, we decided to create biocellulose sheet masks that are more durable and gentler on the skin and with the environment because its a 100% compostable material.  

BioRepublic’s Biocellulose Mask

How important is it to use a sheet mask in your skincare routine?

The great thing about BioRepublic sheet masks is that the combination and effectiveness of the ingredients are enough to replace a whole 10-step skincare routine. Instead, you have everything you need to achieve your skin goals with only one mask. 

For those who are reluctant to leave their skincare routine, sheet masks are a great addition to a skincare routine. We have many sheet masks formulated for different skin types and target various skin concerns. 

Are there any differences between sheet masks and other masks?

Yes, BioRepublic sheet masks are 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and 100% biodegradable. Also, we pride ourselves on finding natural alternatives to toxic ingredients. It’s better for our bodies, better for our planet, and always yields better results. This approach led us to offer the first and only USDA Certified Organic sheet masks on the market, a label we’re proud to have on our products.

Bio Republic Bright and Glowing Mask

What are the main ingredients in the Bright and Glowing Mask?

The main ingredients in the Bright and Glowing Mask are: 

Orange Juice, Pomegranate Extract, Lactic Acid, and Snow Mushroom. 

What are the benefits of these main ingredients?

The orange juice, pomegranate extract, and lactic acid provide immediate brightening and gentle resurfacing, while the Snow Mushroom Extract delivers lasting hydration to keep the skin fresh and vibrant.

How soon can people see results after using the Bright and Glowing Mask?

People can see results immediately after wearing the masks for 20 minutes.

BioRepublic’s Biocellulose Mask

How do you use the Bright and Glowing Mask?

Remove the masks from the package, remove the two protective layers of mesh that cover the biocellulose, adjust the mask to the face and wait from 15-20 minutes or until the serum is completely absorbed. 

How often can you use this mask?

We recommend using all of our masks twice or three times per week. However, since all the ingredients are very gentle on the skin, using sheet masks daily won’t cause any irritation. 

Is this for all skin types?


What other products from your brand can you suggest complementing the Bright and Glowing Mask? 

The following products are perfect for achieving a natural glowy look: 

Lost Baggage Under Eye Emergency Repair Masks

Lip Mask

What top skincare tips can you give us?

  • Store your sheet masks in the fridge overnight before wearing them for an at-home spa experience. Cold sheet masks are also great for reducing inflammation and irritation, and they will leave your skin feeling plump and firm. 
  • Combine the use of BioRepublic sheet masks with your favorite face tools. Take your jade roller and your gua sha, and massage your skin while you wait 20 minutes wearing the mask. 
  • When it comes to skincare, less is more. Don’t get crazy applying ten products to the skin. Following a simple skincare routine is better than combining many active ingredients that can irritate your skin. 

What are your top-3 hero products?

Lost Baggage Under Eye Emergency Repair Masks 

Lip Mask 

Deep Hydration Mask

What’s next for BioRepublic?

We recently launched our new skincare line of creams, serums, and spray. It took us more than a year to developed a line of products that aligned with our vision of 100% clean and effective skin. We have worked very hard to offer our customers recyclable packaging with amazing and natural ingredients. 

Each of our subscribers who get the March Box will get a BioRepublic Sheet Mask. What is the one thing that you want them to know?

The one thing that they should know is that 80% of what they put on their skin it’s absorbed into their body. Clean ingredients and organic ingredients are extremely important when considering skincare products. 


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