Derek Selby: A Look at the Lasting FX of a Love for Beauty

Derek Selby has a very strong background in the beauty industry with over 25 years of experience. In his current role as International Artistry Director for Cover FX, Derek is responsible for training and developing the education teams in Canada and the United States. As a well-known television personality and makeup artist, Derek was the perfect person to talk to us about Cover FX’s Mattifying Primer, which is in our August COCOTIQUE Box, and how to use it. He also gives us a bit of his background and a few beauty tips to boot!

When did you know that you wanted to work in the beauty industry and how did you get your start?

I knew when I was about 6 years old. My sister had the “Barbie Head” that you did hair and make-up on. I loved my trucks and cars but boy did I want that Barbie Head. I used to fight with my sister over it. Then it all started in the basement with my sister. I did hair and make-up on my sisters, then my Mom and other family and friends. I got my official start by going to Hairdressing School. I took complete cosmetology and really liked the make-up side more than the hair side. After I graduated from Hairdressing school I worked at Shoppers Drug Mart and fell in love with Lancôme. I started on the counter and I then worked for them in various roles from Account Executive, to Regional Trainer to National Make-up Artist. I come from the “trenches” of retail.

You’ve worked with a ton of brands throughout your career. What drew you to Cover FX specifically?

In the Cosmetic Industry, we use the word “exclusive” all the time. The root-word of exclusive is “exclude”. I loved that Cover FX was an “inclusive” brand that celebrated all skin tones and ethnicities. I also loved that our products could cover any kind of imperfection from a simple blemish or dark shadows under the eyes to something more major. Because the products were developed for people with sensitive skin, they are safe for my clients. The products also photograph beautifully which makes my work look better! I always tell people Cover FX is confidence in a compact or tube!

You travel extensively as the International Artistry Director for Cover FX, as well as for your television appearances. What do you think is the key to your success in juggling these roles?

Well it starts with a good daytimer! Although I use my calendar on my electronic devices, I still prefer my traditional daytimer where I can keep track of my travel, meetings, photo shoots, in-store events, television appearances, etc. The key to success is to be organized, plan ahead, think on your feet and treat people with respect. You never know who you will work with and what doors will open for future opportunities! I also think finding balance is important. I love what I do, but also love my family and friends--they keep it real and keep me grounded! One last important factor for me is the gym: it’s the best stress reducer. I try to work out 5x a week.

We’re so excited to have Cover FX’s Mattifying Primer in our August COCOTIQUE box. Talk to us about the proper way to apply it. Do you prefer to use your fingers or a foundation brush?

On clients I always use a brush, but I recommend clients use it with their fingers. Use it under your foundation to control shine and smooth skin before your foundation – it really extends the wear. I always wear Mattifying Primer for television appearances; it helps keep my skin matte under the bright lights.

What’s the best foundation to pair with the primer: cream, liquid or powder?

For people with oily skin, or who breakout, our Pressed Mineral Foundation is best. However, you can wear any texture you like with the Primer.

If you had to choose just one, what would you say is your absolute favorite product from the current product range?

My Absolute favorite Cover FX product is our NEW CC Cream launching in September. This is a do-it-all product. It’s a tinted moisturizer with an SPF 30, it is anti-aging and it fades hyper-pigmentation. It’s my “desert island” product! You can use it alone or add some primer under it, or concealer over it, where you want more coverage.

How should a woman care for her skin when she’s not wearing makeup in order to make it a more beautiful canvas?

SPF, SPF, SPF. It’s really important to protect your skin from the sun for both the health and beauty of the skin. Also cleanse your skin at night before bedtime. SPF Protection Primer is a great choice for both ladies and men. It’s non-greasy and completely invisible.

If you had to give one parting piece of beauty advice to our readers, what would it be?

Get a good night’s sleep. It shows on your skin and we all feel better and more energized when we have slept well. And finally, smile! When you smile, your eyes sparkle and others will smile back at you!

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