Define Your Eyes & Lips Like A Pro

If you’re looking for the perfect lip and eye wooden pencil liners, you will love the KISS New York Professional Wooden Eyeliner and Lipliner in the June 2023 Box. These rich pigment pencils are not just long-lasting pencils, but they are also water-resistant. Check out more about these paraben-free, and 100% vegan Professional liners.

If you want to make your eyes stand out, then this Wooden Pencil Eyeliner in Black is for you. Define your eyes with this rich pigmented, buildable and blendable color. This soft formula goes on smoothly and is long wearing with no feathering.

In small strokes, glide liner across lash line from inner to outer corner. Blend to create a dramatic smoky look.

The June box also comes with a Mauve liner that pairs perfectly with just about any lip color or gloss. This creamy liner can also be used as a great fill in color, as its highly pigmented and easily blendable pencil goes nice and smooth. You’ll also love that this liner is long-lasting and water-resistant. However. you choose to apply the Wooden Pencil Lip Liner, have fun with its precision tip 

Applying either one of these long-lasting wooden pencil liners will help you achieve any look that a pro.