December 2023 Box Recap

Here’s our full reveal of the December 2023 Box

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Winter is here, and so is the need for some extra TLC for your curls! We are treating you to a box full of must-have winter hair care products that I know you’ll love. From hydrating conditioners and oils to a holy grail hair drying tee, we’ve got you covered with everything you need to keep your hair looking amazing for all of your holiday parties! As the winter chill sets in, don’t let your hair suffer from the dry, frigid hair. Remember hydration is key to having luscious, moisturized hair! Wishing you a beautiful holiday season!

TGIN Triple Moisture Replenishing Conditioner (value $15.99)
The perfect pick me up for even the most dry, damaged hair. Our special formula is enriched with shea butter and sweet almond oil to hydrate, smooth and repair strands with every use.

• Leaves hair feeling soft, smooth and manageable with every use
• Replenishes hair’s natural oils
• Penetrates hair’s cuticle to allow for thorough conditioning
• Helps prevent split ends and reduce breakage
• Promotes healthy hair growth
• No parabens, sulfates, petrolatum, lanolin, artificial colors, or animal testing.

TGIN Miracle Repairx Curl Food (value $15.99)
This daily moisturizer uses black castor oil and biotin to add healing hydration into your styling routine, controlling dryness and frizz. Free from parabens, sulfates, petrolatum, lanolin, artificial colors, or animal testing.

• Restores nutrients in hair
• Hydrates dry, damaged, and color-treated hair
• Reduces frizz and fly aways
• Promotes healthy hair growth, shine, and softness
• No parabens, sulfates, petrolatum, lanolin, artificial colors, or animal testing.

EVOLVE Frizz Free Hair Drying Tee (value $6.39)

Wash days are made easier with the Evolve® Frizz-Free Hair Drying Tee! The moisture-wicking fabrication absorbs moisture to reduce drying time, avoid breakage, and prevent frizz. The easy, twist-button closure keeps strands secure and ensures a comfy fit.

• Absorbs excess water without stripping the hair of natural oils
• Hands-free use, easy twist and button
• Great for use during hair Conditioning treatments
• Can be worn twisted up or twisted down
• Made for all hair types and textures

INVISIBOBBLE Extra Hold Crystal Clear 3pc (value $12.00)

The double helix spiral shape of the Invisibobble EXTRA HOLD hair ties provide maximum, comfortable hold for thick hair. They gently but powerfully hold the hair in place for an all-day look without damaging the hair or causing unnecessary tension.

• Featuring HAIRLOVETECH, invisibobble hair accessories are scientifically proven to cause 31% less damage, leave 68% less marks and 100% less pain than ordinary hair tools.
• Designed for thick, curly, and textured hair types.
• Hair loving benefits for healthy hair.
• Non-soaking—no more wet hair ties!
• Is your invisibobble hair spiral stretched out? Simply place it in hot water or use the heat of your blow dryer to shrink it back down to its original size. Good as new!

URBAN ALCHEMY Signature Revitalizing Mask (value $10.00)

Signature revitalizing mask is a self-warming thermal treatment cap. Deeply moisturizes and nourishes all hair types. Avocado oil helps to condition and nourish damaged hair restoring the balance of the natural hydrolipids in the hair.

• Avocado oil helps to condition and nourish damaged hair
• Olive oil helps to restore the balance of the natural hydrolipids in the hair
• Botanical blend complex: Mixture of traditional herbs and antioxidants helps to revitalize the scalp, contributing to the appearance of healthier hair

• Hydrates dry scalps
• Self-warming thermal hair treatment cap
• Deeply moisturizes and nourishes all hair types

HOBE LABS Energizer Hot Jojoba Oil Treatment (value $11.99)

Jojoba Oil has been used for centuries as a deep moisturizer for hair and scalp. Energizer Hot Jojoba Oil Hair Treatment opens up the hair cuticle to lightly coat each imbrication on the hair shaft and penetrates the sebum build-up on the scalp to moisturize the follicle openings in the dermal layer. Rosemary extract provides a volatile oil stimulant that draws blood circulation to the scalp and hair follicles, thus strengthening and revitalizing the hair. Vitamins A & E nourish each strand of fine, dry, brittle, or over-processed hair with antioxidant protection.

Deep conditions dry scalp, damaged hair, and split ends.


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