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At COCOTIQUE, we believe in the spirit of beauty through confidence, grace and optimism. In our COCOBlogger series, we’ll feature women who exude those things through their personal brands, and have them share their favorite beauty and fashion secrets. In our first post of the series, we present Danielle Gray, The Style and Beauty Doctor.

In 3-5 sentences, who are you and what is your profession?

I’m a former finance girl turned Image Consultant, Makeup Artist, and fashion & beauty writer.

What is your claim to blogging fame?

My blog, The Style and Beauty Doctor, which I started in 2007, is a style resource for women of all ages, races, and sizes. On The Style and Beauty Doctor you’ll find the latest and greatest in fashion and beauty as well as what to wear for your body type and which makeup colors go best with your complexion.

What 3 products are in your ultimate beauty arsenal and why?

Blush—-I’m addicted to the way it brightens the face
Concealer—helps fake flawless skin and alertness
Red lipstick—I love lipstick and red is my fave for the way it stands out

What is the most Innovative and effective product you’ve come across since you starting writing about beauty?

The Clarisonic. When I first tried it, I was skeptical that something like that would make any impact in my skincare regimen, but it really did and years later it’s an integral part of my routine. It works by getting the skin six times cleaner than manual cleansing, so, your skincare products penetrate the skin more effectively. I use the new Aria model 2-3 times a week and my skin loves it.

If you had 2 hours to pick out an outfit from head to toe, where would you shop and why?

Alexander Wang! Love the downtown edge and comfy un-basic basics and accessories.

Which beauty/fashion trend are you most looking forward to for spring?

Pastels for both beauty and fashion. I’m looking forward to mint and lavender skinny jeans and have plans to add a little pastel color to my hair for fun :)

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