Convenience in 3 Easy Steps – Dry Time for Your Hair

We love finding products to enhance your self-care rituals. We have found a unique product that is sure to change how long it takes to dry your hair. Turbie Twist, a super-absorbent hair towel designed to help cutback on drying time for hair in 3 easy steps, place, twist, and loop. We have included this amazing innovation in our May Box for our curl friends. Turbie Twist, made from microfiber is great for curly hair. We spoke to sisters, Christina and Angela about how they acquired their father’s company and took it to the next level. Read all about how this duo revolutionized a brand that became one of the fastest growing companies in America.
When did the brand get its start?
Turbie Twist, as we know it was started in 2007 when my sister Christina and I bought the business from our father, who started the brand in the 90s.
What was the inspiration for creating Turbie Twist?
When our father launched Turbie Twist, Christina and I were kids. He saw the need for an alternative to the big bath towels that we used on our hair and the similar products on the market. He just made a few improvements and got things started. My sister and I bought the business in 2007 and continued to make product improvements along the way. We branched out into microfiber, different patterns, etc. and continued to add related products to our line including shower caps, headbands, etc.
Tell us about Turbie Twist and why we should use it?
The Turbie Twist is the obvious solution to the bulky bath towel for so many reasons! We’ve all struggled to balance a huge body towel on hour head… it just doesn’t make sense. The Turbie Twist is specifically designed to be worn on your head and to hold your hair in place. There is a unique “pocket” at the end of the towel, which also helps to hold long hair. The design allows itself to be easily used by anyone… from long hair to little kids. It can also be used to keep your hair out of the way for spa treatments or for a quick shower. I especially like to use my Turbie Twist for hair treatments like conditioners. Then, I simply throw the Turbie in the washing machine and it’s good to go.
What type of material is this product made from?
We have Turbie Twists available in both cotton & microfiber.
How does this benefit the over health of your hair?
It helps to pull the water from hair reducing the amount of time spent blow drying and it also helps to reduce frizz.
Is this for all hair types?
Yes, the Turbie Twist is great for all types of hair.
Does one size fit all?
Yes. Unlike other hair towels, the elastic loop on the Turbie Twist allows for a perfect fit for anyone from kids to adults.
How many colors does this come in?
Turbies come in a wide variety of colors and patterns. We do many exclusives for certain retailers like QVC, Target & Walmart. You’re sure to find something for you!
How do you suggest using the Turbie Twist?
I typically use the Turbie Twist after a shower. The longer you leave it on, the less time you have to spend drying your hair. We also find that if you have a curl to your hair, the Turbie Twist really helps achieve a great finish.
What’s next for Turbie Twist?
We are continuing to enter new markets and develop new solution type products for hair & after bath.
Subscribers will receive a full size hair towel in their May Box. What is the one thing that you’d like to leave with them?
We want the subscribers to not just think of the Turbie Twist as a hair towel, but part of their everyday routine – one that makes life easier. As women, we have enough to balance – let’s take balancing the towel on your head off of that list! To keep up with Turbie Twist, you can follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. USE OUR EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT CODE COCO20 FOR 20% OFF SITEWIDE AT TURBIETWIST.COM - EXPIRES JULY 31, 2019