This talented teen is starring as Tiffany in TYLER PERRY'S BOO! A MADEA HALLOWEEN, which will be released on October 21. Not only is she an actress, but she’s also a singer who starred in the Chicago-based production of The Color Purple at the young age of 8, and also toured nationally. She is the voice of Francine "Frankie" Elma Greene in Transformers: Rescue Bots and has had cameo appearances on The Haunted Hathaways and Sofia the First and a recurring role on Phineas and Ferb. If that’s not enough, in 2012, she was a contestant on the second season of the American version of The X Factor and finished in fifth place. Diamond truly sparkles and shines like a priceless gem. Dig in and find out more about this shining star’s career and a little about her beauty secrets.

When you were 13 years old, you were a finalist on Fox's "The X-Factor." How has that experience changed your life?

Being on X-Factor really taught me a lot about the music industry and how it works. It gave me a lot of knowledge. Another way it's changed my life is that when people can’t figure out why they know my face, all I have to do is say X-Factor and they remember.

Growing up, did you always want to be a singer?

Yes, growing up I knew I was a singer. I started professionally at 6 years old when I toured with The Color Purple play and from there I never stopped.

Who are some of your favorite artists? And which song is on rotation in your playlist right now?

Some of my favorite artists right now are Solange Knowles, Kali Uchis, and Frank Ocean. Almost all of their songs are on rotation for me.

How did you transition into acting?

I never really transitioned into acting; it was something that came along with singing and kind of went hand-in-hand since I started off doing musicals. I always consider myself a singer first but acting is something that I genuinely love doing just the same.

You will star in the movie TYLER PERRY'S BOO! A MADEA HALLOWEEN. How was it acting alongside Mr. Perry?

Filming the movie with Tyler was incredible. It was my first feature film I ever booked and it was probably the best way to start off my film career. I learned so much being on set with him. Mainly just how to always be on your toes and how to be focused because he moves so quickly and knows exactly what he wants, so you have to be on the same wavelength with him or you’ll get lost. The best part is since my character’s bratty, I got to be so mean to him and that's completely opposite of my personal character. So it was great being able to talk with an attitude to someone you've grown up watching their movies and looking up to.

What can audiences expect from this film?

The audience can expect to cry, not for being scared, but from laughing their booties off. Tyler said that this is his favorite film that he's ever created out of all his movies - so that has to say something!

When not working, what are some of the things you like to do?

To be honest, when I'm not working, I am working. I love to write and create. I'm one of those people that can't sit down for even a second and not have something to do.

Going from set to set, in and out of hair and make-up, what are some ways in which you take care of your hair and skin?

Being in the hair and make-up chair can be stressful especially when it comes to people who don't understand how to do my hair. What I do is always speak my mind when I'm in the chair because after I leave the chair and I'm done with that project, I have to deal with the damage that's done so I try to stop it before it even happens. I also try to protect my hair by not putting unnecessary heat on it. When it comes to skin I always make sure to keep my face clean. I always try to avoid my skin getting dimmer due to all the make-up, having to be put on for different sets, so washing my face every day helps me a lot.

What items are a part of your Ultimate Beauty Arsenal - those holy grail items you cannot live without?

Some products that I can't live without are a good deep conditioner. I have really, really curly hair that is prone to dryness, so deep conditioner saved my life. Also a good edge control because my edges always have to be winning. When it comes to make up I can't live without highlighter. I just can't. Because highlighter plus melanin equals slay!

What's next for you?

What's next for me? I have a body of music coming out that I'm naming The Tape. I call the sound of it an old soul meets the new generation. And I have a couple of other projects and films coming out later on in the year.

You can connect with her on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.