We’re always happy to partner with Black Radiance and we’re definitely exited to partner with them on our Black Radiance Melanin Goddess Takeover April Box. We talked to the brand about the inspiration behind their new vibrant colors in the April Box. We also spoke to them about their latest venture MUA Talks, a new talk show on YouTube that talks about everything from the beauty industry to makeup tricks and trends with the hottest makeup artists. Read all about the details of this new show and find out how to wear these vibrant colors this spring.
What tips can give us on using the Rich Peach Artisan Color Baked Blush and the Perfect Tone Lip Color in Hibiscus for those who are not used to wearing bright colors?

The shades are very bright and vibrant; perfect for spring! With bold pigments, a little goes a long way, so if you are just looking to add a little color to your natural glam; apply sparingly. You will be amazed at what a touch of color can do to accentuate your look.
What other products can you suggest to go with the products that are in our May Box?

There are FABULOUS colors included in the box; so to coordinate with these bold, berry hues, fresh skin and a glowing, highlight should be the focus. Items like our True Complexion™ Contour Palette, Liquid Radiance, or Color Perfect™ Foundation Sticks would be the perfect complimentary items.
We hear that congratulations are in order. You guys have launched MUA Talks on YouTube a couple of weeks ago. What is the inspiration for this new venture?

We are VERY excited to launch MUA Talks this month! Our key initiative this year is to keep our content interesting and fresh. We want to create engaging experiences on all of our social platforms to help us better connect with our consumers.
What will be your primary focus?

We will primarily focus on the forever evolving beauty industry and how it affects brands like Black Radiance® and African American consumers.
What other topics will you cover?

Our fabulous panel of talent will discuss their journeys in makeup artistry, experiences with celebrity talent, and their favorite makeup tricks and trends.

In addition to empowering women of color with your beauty tutorials, what are your hopes for MUA Talks?

We hope to educate and inspire makeup artists across the globe looking to start a career or further explore their interests in the beauty industry.
What’s next for Black Radiance?

Bigger and better is what’s next for Black Radiance! As a brand, we aim to encapsulate the wants and needs of our consumers to further develop innovative products that exceed their expectations. We can’t wait to show them what we’ve been working on! To keep up with Black Radiance, you can follow them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter YouTube, and Pinterest @blackradiancebeauty.