Bevy Smith

Television host, celebrity hostess, and philanthropist, Bevy Smith, is our October COCOBelle of the Month. From her highly successful Dinner with Bevy events, to her inspirational Life with Vision events, to her co-hosting spot on Bravo’s Fashion Queens, Bevy is certainly the queen of her own media empire.

Bevy took some time out of her busy schedule to talk to us about her very first job in fashion, to share some of the causes that are dear to her heart, and to give advice to other young women looking to pursue careers in television or fashion. She also dished about her fall beauty routine, and what’s in her Ultimate Beauty Arsenal.

Tell us about your very first job in fashion, and how you snagged it.
My very first job in fashion was as a receptionist at an advertising agency, which specialized in upscale products. I was on a temp assignment and when I excelled on the job, they offered it to me permanently. That taught me that people are always watching so ALWAYS do your best!

From where did you get the idea for your Dinner with Bevy events, and how did you know they would be such a success?
They say necessity is the mother of invention, and that was certainly true about "Dinner With Bevy". I was a few years into my journey to become a TV personality and when I ran out of savings, I had to figure out how to make money while still pursuing my new career. I had two amazing "rolodexes" in fashion and music, I decided to create a dinner party business where I could connect "urban" music artists with luxury brands and "mainstream" fashion magazine editors. I didn't know it would be a success but nothing ventured, nothing gained.

You've also created Life with Vision events that are designed to "help individuals tap into their passions, identify life goals and manifest them into reality." Why is this type of forum important?
Life With Vision is my PASSION PROJECT; being on Fashion Queens, hosting events for various organizations, writing pop culture essays for magazines, I LOVE that work. However, Life With Vision is me sharing my GIFT of connecting and inspiring people with the public--it's brings me true joy.

What is the best part about hosting Bravo show, Fashion Queens?
The best part of hosting Fashion Queens is working with my amazingly talented, smart and funny co-stars, Miss Lawrence and Derek J. I also love that we give VOICE to people who have a passion for fashion but don't necessarily fit into the rigid confines of the industry.

While managing your brand, you also find time for a host of philanthropic efforts. What does it mean to you to give back?
It's important for me to give back to LGBTQ organizations because of my history in fashion and now being a host of Fashion Queens. I'm also passionate about Cool Culture, a charity that I'm on the board of where we give museum access to low-income families. For the past nine years, I've been on the host committee of Housing Works "Fashion For Action" event; I work on that project because I had two cousins who died of AIDS in the 80's when AIDS patients were shunned, so I'm very passionate about them having rights.

What advice would you share with a young woman who wants to pursue a career in fashion and television hosting?
My advice for any young woman trying to break into TV hosting is that networks/production companies are looking for PERSONALITIES. Once upon a time, a pretty face and being able to read a teleprompter was enough to be successful on TV. Now networks want hosts with life stories that they can share; they hire people with definitive viewpoints who know how to articulate them in an entertaining manner.

Let's talk style and beauty? How would you describe your signature style?
My signature style is very colorful, very curve conscious. I love a "Sexy Secretary" look, very Joan on Mad Men if she lived in this era.

What is your current daily beauty routine like, and will you be switching it up for fall?
My daily ritual is very simple: I wash my face daily, and exfoliate it once a week. The only change I'm making for fall is that my lip palette will become more berry and warm hues--less coral and bright pinks. I will also use a heavier body moisturizer like Shea Butter, versus a lighter lotion.

What is the best piece of skincare advice you've ever received?
Don't go to sleep wearing makeup. I try to adhere to that even on tipsy nights :).

Tell us what 3 things are in your Ultimate Beauty Arsenal--those beauty items that you absolutely can't live without?
Shea Butter, concealer and a sheer lip gloss. Although I wear a lot of makeup on my show, in my personal life I live by the mantra, less is more!

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