Better Vaginal Health With a pH Balancing Cleanser

Did you know that vagina health is an important factor of your overall health? In fact, using a vaginal cleanser with the right pH balance that match your vagina’s needs can actually help you achieve healthy pH levels. You’ll be happy to know that the December 2021 Box includes a full-size pH Balancing Cleanser from Love Wellness. We’re also happy to introduce you to this self-care brand and share Founder and CEO, Lauren Bosworth’s inspiration for creating a gentle vaginal cleanser that is formulated with ingredients that are OB/GYN-recommended. Find out more about how this cleansing formula can improve your vagina health. 

How did Love Wellness get its start?

Love Wellness got its start in 2015 when founder and CEO, Lauren Bosworth, was dealing with severe vitamin deficiencies. While working through all sorts of infections, depression, and anxiety, Lauren found herself constantly at the OB-GYN office.

After spending so much time at the doctor’s and in the personal care aisle, Lauren found that there were no brands that focused on treating her issues while aligning with her values. She then set out to change the industry by creating Love Wellness, a company rooted in creating safe, clean personal care products and women’s health supplements.

Talk to us about the benefits of a healthy vagina.

Vaginal health can often be overlooked, but it’s an extremely important part of women’s overall health! Having great vaginal health can mean you feel better, have more confidence, and even experience a better sex life. Additionally, vaginal health affects everything from the reproductive system to stress, so when your vaginal health is out of balance, you can feel totally off.

What is an acceptable vaginal pH balance?

A normal vaginal pH level ranges from 3.5 to 4.5, which is considered moderately acidic. Don’t let the term “acidic” confuse you—it’s a good thing! Good bacteria thrive in the vagina’s acidic environment, so if you have a healthy pH, that means the right balance exists between both good and bad bacteria. However, if an imbalance occurs and your pH rises above 4.5, then bad bacteria can grow, causing yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis.

What inspired your pH Balancing Cleanser?

As Lauren Bosworth roamed the personal care aisles during her search for solutions, she found that there were no brands that resonated with her beliefs while also treating her issues. Everything either made her feel awkward or didn’t contain ingredients that were good for her. pH Balancing Cleanser is meant to provide a clean, good-for-you solution to personal hygiene for those who want to use an external personal cleanser.

What are the key ingredients in the pH Balancing Cleanser?

Aloe vera, water, and other natural ingredients to keep your pH in check.

What are the benefits of these key ingredients?

Our pH balancing formula does not contain harsh chemicals or fragrances (naturally derived or otherwise), as both can cause irritation and disrupt your vaginal flora. The formula is also free of sulfates and parabens, meaning it’s safe and gentle for everyday use!

LOVE WELLNESS pH Balancing Cleanser

Is your pH Balancing Cleanser OB-GYN recommended?


What makes your pH Balancing Cleanser different from other feminine washes?

Check out this blog post on

How often can you use the pH Balancing Cleanser?

The pH Balancing Cleanser is gentle enough for everyday use.

Is this cleanser for women who are highly sensitive?

Yes! The pH Balancing Cleanser was designed with the most sensitive skin in mind. It is super effective but gentle enough to keep in your daily routine.

How can you find out your vaginal pH balance?

What are the best practices to keeping your vaginal pH balanced?

Love Wellness provides a great breakdown of how to keep your vaginal pH balanced. Find out more in this blog post on our website.

What other products from Love Wellness can you suggest to use for a healthy vagina? 

We highly recommend the Perfect Condition Vitamin, The Killer, and Good Girl Probiotics. Used in tandem, these solutions support immunity, maintain gut and vaginal flora, and balance yeast and odor-causing bacteria for optimum vaginal health.

What are some of your hero products?

Some of our other best-selling products include Bye Bye Bloat, Sparkle Fiber, Metabolove, and the Daily Love Multivitamin.

What’s next for Love Wellness?

There is so much in store for Love Wellness! In the last year, we’ve launched three brand new products and relaunched one of our best sellers, so we have several new launches coming out, major brand campaigns on the way, and inspiring plans to continue growing our community.

  • Probiotics: In June 2021 Love Wellness added two new probiotics, Clear Skin Probiotics and Gut Feelings Probiotics, to our supplements collection. Clear Skin Probiotics helps balance the skin's microbiome to reduce the number of acne, pimples, improve skin pores, redness, and dryness. Gut Feelings Probiotics balances gut health and supports immunity with an innovative pre-pro-postbiotic blend that supports gut bacteria's entire life-cycle and ultimately this helps to support a calm digestive system. 
  • Call Me Collagen: In August 2021 Love Wellness released its first every collagen peptide powder. Call Me Collagen is made with VERISOL® Bioactive Collagen Peptides®, shown to work better with only 5g per serving than with 20g of the other guys. Call Me Collagen supports thicker hair, healthier skin, and stronger nails.
  • pH Balancing Cleanser: pH Balancing Cleanser is one of Love Wellness's original products and is made with clean ingredients that support a healthy vaginal flora. Our gentle external intimate cleanser is pH balanced to match the pH of your vagina. We relaunched our pH Balancing Cleanser in October 2021 in fresh, new packaging!

Each of our customers who get the December Box will receive a PH Balance Cleanser. What is the one thing you want them to know?

pH Balancing Cleanser is our OB-GYN-recommended external cleanser and was one of the first products ever created at Love Wellness. Something super interesting about pH Balancing Cleanser is that it matches the vagina’s acidic pH levels, unlike bar soaps and body washes, which have a basic pH. This is how it gently cleans the vulva without disrupting vaginal flora and pH.


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