3 Tips to Help You Sleep Like a Baby

Put an end to tossing and turning and start sleeping like a baby. Like many women, most of us have too much on our minds and too much on our plates and that can lead to a lack of sleep. Some have trouble falling asleep, some having trouble staying asleep, and some have problems with both. None of these problems are good to have. It’s important to get at least 6-8 hours of sleep per night in order for our bodies to replenish itself. In order to have better sleeping habits, you have to create them. Time is everything and setting a schedule is something that you have to incorporate into your nightly routine. Here are a few healthy sleep and relaxation tips that can help you conquer those sleepless nights.
Things to Avoid Before Bedtime:
  • Avoid caffeine 6 hours before going to bed. Caffeine can have you pretty wired up before bed and can also dehydrate you.
  • Eating meals that are high in fat, carbs, or sugar 4 hours before bed can keep you up at night.
  • Studies show that avoiding alcohol before bed will reduce nighttime melatonin production.
  • Avoid working in bed or checking your bank account. There's no need to take these thoughts to bed with you.
Create a Bedtime Routine:
  • Enjoy an herbal cup of tea. A cup of something warm and calming will help relax you. Consider that your treat for the day.
  • Aromatherapy is a perfect way to help you relax throughout the day and especially in the evening. Add some lavender or vetiver essential oils to a diffuser, settle in and relax.
  • Set the mood. Dim lighting is better than bright lighting. It will create an atmosphere of pure relaxation.
  • Try some deep breathing exercises and light meditation to help you relax your mind and body. This will also help lower your blood pressure.
Create a Comfortable Sleeping Environment:
  • Not too hot, not too cold. Make sure your room temperature is between 67-70 degrees. Our bodies prefer cooler temps when we sleep.
  • To get fully engaged, listen to your sleep or calm app to help relax your mind. This can help relax the mind and lower blood pressure.
  • Eliminate any external lights and charging phones or computers. These can be distractions when you want to stay sleep.
  • Declutter your room, especially around your bed. Remove anything that can lead to any distractions.
Start where you are and create some healthy habits that will not only help you sleep better at night, but will also increase your immune system. Your body needs proper rest so, it can feel better mentally and physically. Sweet Dreams!