• RESHMA BEAUTY "Multani Mitti" Fuller's Earth Face Mask

RESHMA BEAUTY "Multani Mitti" Fuller's Earth Face Mask

This natural clay mask deep cleanses the pores of excess oils and helps lighten pigmentation. Multani Mitti is an all-natural cleanser and clarifying agent. It is a clay mask that comes from a rock originating from India. It is excellent for any kind of blemishes especially acne-prone skin as it removes the excess oil leaving the skin feeling fresh, clean, radiant and toned. Multani Mitti is a strong absorbent for oily skin as well. HOW TO USE: For Normal Skin mix with water. For Dry Skin mix with yogurt or milk. For Very Dry Skin mix with heavy whipping cream Take one packet of Multani Mitti powder and mix well with a small amount of water or other liquid ingredient, as suggested above, to reach a paste like consistency. Apply to clean and dry skin. Can be applied all over your skin, including face and body. Let the mask sit for 7-10 minutes or until completely dry. Wash off with warm water. Pat dry. To Use As An Exfoliator: Mix with water. Apply gently in circular motion, avoiding eye contact. Wash with warm water. Pat dry. Recommended use: Three times per week. INGREDEINTS: Fuller’s earth powder FULL SIZE: $7.99 / 6.76 FL OZ
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Customer Reviews

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Clarifying! A must have Beauty product!

I used this mask on my home spa day. I was so amazed with the instant results! I have already reordered the Kale Face Wash from Reshma and I’m now looking forward to my next mask in the mail as well. I am a CocoBelle for Life!


Worked wonders on my oily skin

Really works!!!

This product really works on my oily skin. After removal, my skin felt soft but not strip dry.

Nice Facial Mask

I mixed it with coconut milk and oil because my skin is dry. Nice mask! Exfoliated and left skin brightened and clean.