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Love love love

Love everything in this box. Shampoo and Conditioner did wonders for my hair it is much more manageable and does not frizz up so easy. The only thing i was not fond of was the smell of the body moisturizer.

Great box

I did like all the products in this box

Organic products

I did really like the lotion

Great box

Great box !!!

Awesome products

Husband got me this subscription for Christmas. This is my 2and box and I absolutely love it. I used the hydrating conditioner for my daughter"s hair. The results made mr come back and buy the box of Aveda line!


Baby when I tell you I look forward to receiving my box. So far I haven’t gotten any boxes that didn’t have great products. I can wait for my next one to arrive...thanks COCOTIQUE!!!!

Great Box

I love the box, but my favorite product is the Hawaiian curl whip.

Great box

I love to see what I get.

3-month gift subscription- I love it!! Full sized products every month. This is a great box!

SHEAMOISTURE Moringa & Avocado Power Greens

I didn't like the texture of the shampoo. The remaining products were ok. I didn't like the feel on my hair. However when I researched company site this product line is not meant for my hair.

Loved It

The January box was helpful in trying products that I did not know about. The Innate anti frizz heat protector for hair was awesome. The solar science eye rapair is great. The other products was great as well.

Review of 6 month subscription

Overall the subscription was worth the money because the products were really nice. I, personally could not use 90% of the products BUT I used them for fabulous gifts! I would definitely recommend this box to friends of mine that would appreciate and benefit from it.

I love my box and will be purchasing another

Deservedly Spoiled (Finally)!

I'm so happy to have a beauty box just for us...I've liked the others, but this is like my birthday every month! Thank you!

Love these boxes!

I get so excited when I receive my boxes! This last box has a little bit of everything! I especially love the CleanLogic exfoliating gloves and cant wait to try the straightening cream. I love that these boxes have all I need and no reason hunting items in the stores only to be disappointed that I cannot find anything. The Cocotique boxes give me everything I need without leaving my home! I so glad I stumbled across this box! Keep up the great work!

January's Cocotique Box

I appreciate every. product that came in my first box, these are definitely just what I needed especially the Mr Solar Sciences Daily Eye Repair Emulsion. I like the way it glides underneath my eyes its non -comedogenic and its lightening the darkness underneath my eyes. I can't wait to use this 24kt gold mask to see the benefits of it. I hope it shows some improvement and gives me a glow.



Twice toothpaste set

I enjoy trying new things and like this product. The flavors are very nice no burning like regular toothpastes. I makes my teeth feel clean and smooth and it actually whitened my them a little

Love it

I loved the box

Money Well spent

This is the greatest self care box. It’s something just for you especially during these turbulent time.

Good buy

I love the variety of products and they come in full sizes


All products are wonderful

A nice little surprise

My first bag was nicely packed. I just got my first bag. I was 80% happy. Didn't get all the full sized products I saw in other unboxing. Looking forward to February's box.

Box full of BROWN GIRL love and fun

Another winner in my book. I loved all of my products in my January subscription box but really loved that I received yet another full sized Hawaiian Silky product. I got the Curling Buttercreme in my very first box that I ordered back in August or September and love, love, love everything about it and now I have the full sized hair butter and am going to use it to moisturize my scalp in between my braids to help keep my scalp soft and supple and to moisturize my hair while in its protected style. I'm debating on keeping the lashes for myself or giving them to my daughter-in-love as I don't wear lashes often but when I do I use them as my way of enhancing my eyes as I don't wear make-up. She will have to put them on for me though because I can never get them quite right. I've almost used all of my morning Twice And have added the face mask to my collection to be used at a later date when I have a spa/pamper myself night. I get so excited when my monthly subscription box comes. I love treating myself and as a single woman this is just one way that I love all up on my brown self, I took pictures with my phone so that I could post them but am writing this review on my PC, I will try to figure out a way to add them to this review or maybe just upload them in a separate review when I use some of the other products in my box.

Gentle but effective

I got this box specifically for the facial cleanser for my 16 year old son that has severe acne and acne scars and myself. I was looking for something that wasn't full of chemicals or perfumes and was also effective yet gentle on our skin. My son loves it. It makes both of our faces feel clean and refreshed without over drying our skin or leaving our faces feeling tight and dry. I also used the shampoo and conditioner on both of us. He has a head full of thick, lush 4c hair like me {mine is much shorter} and it worked so good. The shampoo didn't strip our hair and the conditioner brought out our natural curl pattern. His hair sucked the conditioner up like a thirsty elephant but it still did a wonderful job of leaving it nice and soft after rinsing. We both slept with the conditioner in our hair and rinsed it out the next day. His thick mane was so much easier for him to comb through the next day. He also really liked the body moisturizer as he has been complaining that other moisturizers leave him dry and ashy after a few minutes of applying it. We now live in Texas after moving from Southern California recently and the new weather and climate has brought new challenges with keeping his skin properly moisturized. Haven't had a chance to use the anti-frizz cream yet but am sure it will not disappoint. I also love the vegan, compostable packaging and can't wait to plant my seed and see what sprouts as I love gardening. I just ordered another box so that he can have his own bottle of facial cleanser and body moisturizer. THANK YOU COCOTIQUE