• Felicia Leatherwood Detangler Brush
  • Felicia Leatherwood Detangler Brush

BRUSH WITH THE BEST The Original Felicia Leatherwood Detangler Brush

Widely spaced Flexi-bristles™ glide easily through all curl patterns and hair types without breaking, pulling or damaging your hair strands. Flexi-bristles™ allow for the brush to gently release knots and move with your hair without pain or discomfort. The wide handle provides a comfortable, sturdy grip for both beginners and pros alike. Perfect for natural curls, this brush prevents abrupt hair pulling and aids in preventing excess hair loss or hair shedding.

Why Buy The Felicia Leatherwood Original Detangler Brush?

• First innovative design specifically for natural textured hair
• Works for all hair types, best for wavy, curly and kinky coily hair types
• Flexi-bristles™ prevent breakage, damage and pain
• Defines curls and coils for naturally glowing textured hair
• Easy to clean durable construction
• Helps gauge when it's time for a trim by pausing in certain areas while detangling
• Approved by 100k+ customers

New D2 Design Features and Improvements:

• Completely redesigned to be more durable
• New gentler round soft-tip bristles prevent scalp irritation and micro scrapping
• Greater non-stick properties. Glides easily through hair and prevents product from sticking when cleaning up with soap and water.
• Increased heat resistance. Can be used when blow drying. Unique design will not prevent air flow or melt due to heat
• New resin material is still non-toxic with added benefits
• Non-porous surface aids in detangling and cleaning. The surface of the brush is completely smooth like glass. Prevents bacteria growth with proper care.
• More ergonomic handle for users that have carpal tunnel or other problems gripping the brush, smaller hands
• Now with new D2 seal of authentication
• New vibrant colors, more coming soon!

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Customer Reviews

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Kayleen Sutton
Love this brush!

I've been wanting to get a detangling brush for awhile and was super excited when I saw this in a past box. This brush glides through my hair with no problems. I love it! Definitely a good find.