When purchasing a gift subscription you can only have a gift subscription on an individual order (you cannot have a past box or individual subscription on the same order as a gift subscription). If you'd like to purchase a Past Box or individual subscription, please place a separate order.

How does a gift recipient redeem their gift subscription?

1. The gift recipient will receive an email with your gift subscription.
2. The gift recipient will then click on View Your Gift to see your gift subscription card.
3. When the gift recipient’s gift subscription card opens they will click See Your Gift.
4. The gift recipient will then click Accept Gift.
5. The gift recipient will then have to remove your shipping information from the form and enter their name, email address and mailing address before clicking Accept Gift.

By purchasing a COCOTIQUE  gift subscription, you have read and agreed to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. Gift subscriptions will not renew at the end of their term.