Behind the Brand
Our founder, Lindsay, was sick and tired of hair ties performing poorly both on the soccer field and later on in life as a mom on the go. She wanted to make hair ties that were not only functional, but fashionable and less damaging to hair. She conceptualized designs, researched materials, and tested prototype after prototype until she created what she believes is the perfect hair tie: TELETIES.
We believe in delivering high quality hair ties that have many benefits over the traditional hair tie. TELETIES are the perfect go-to hair accessory: an all-in-one hair tie that doubles as a stylish stackable bracelet.

Our Mission
Lindsay understands firsthand how important non-profit organizations like FORCE can be in providing resources and early detection. She was tested at a young age because her father carried the BRCA1 mutation and thankfully tested negative. Having never met her grandmother, who passed away from breast cancer at the age of 35, Lindsay promised herself that she would do her part to educate others and bring awareness to the BRCA1 mutation.
With each TELETIES purchase, a donation is made to FORCE (Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered). FORCE is a non-profit organization that aims toward improving the lives of people and families affected by hereditary breast, ovarian and related cancers.

Hold your hair and enhance your style with TELETIES. The strong grip, no rip hair tie that doubles as a bracelet. Strong, pretty and stylish, TELETIES are designed to withstand everyday demands while taking your look to the next level. We recommend the small size for thin to medium hair and the large size for medium to thick hair.

Sold in packs of three.
The large size is 6.5cm wide x 1cm thick. (Retail is $9.99)
The small size is 4.5cm wide x 0.5cm thick. (Retail is $7.99)

FULL SIZE: $9.99/ Pack of 3 (LARGE SIZE – 6.5 cm wide x 1 cm thick)) or $7.99 / Pack of 3 (SMALL SIZE – 4.5 cm wide x 0.5 cm thick) – AVAILABLE AT TELETIES.COM

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