May 2016

A BRAND TO TRY: Natura Siberica - From Siberia with love!

I am deviating a bit from writing about brands made in France as I have made a surprising discovery in my neighborhood city market Monoprix. Natura Siberica is the first premium certified organic cosmetic brand from Russia, more specially Siberia. For many, Siberia is synonymous with extremely c... View Post

Ultimate Beauty Arsenal: Taj Hunter Waite, the Epitome of Brains, Brawn and Beauty!

Taj Hunter Waite, a Miami based interior designer and self-proclaimed conscious living enthusiast, is best known for her design-savvy approach to combining global influences with modern luxury. Her fresh approach to incorporating texture, color and pattern with timeless furnishings that result i... View Post


Everyone woman wants healthy, glowing skin and the folks at Global Beauty Care understand that. With their line of skincare products that targets African American and Hispanic consumers, their business is quality skincare with ingredients that deliver. Be it Coco and Shea Butter, vitamin A&... View Post

Inside the Brand: Give your hair the Luster it deserves with Luster’s Pink Line of Products.

Be it diet, change in climate and a host of other factors, our hair has its fair share of ups and downs. However, with Luster’s Pink line of products your hair can experience more ups than downs. This month we are giving our subscribers the opportunity to try the brand’s Pink Shea Butter Coconu... View Post

COCOSpirit: Taking Responsibility for Your Emotional Wellness

We were sitting at the kitchen table talking about the men, the babies, the jobs - she shared, I shared, she laughed, I laughed. I made light of things that kept me up at night. I envied her ease - she seemed so light-hearted. I wondered if she was for real or just pretending (like me). Fina... View Post

Product Review: Naked Beaute Chamomile & Cucumber Facial Cleanser

Sure I like to splurge on department store skincare products, but there are some indie brands that make both my skin and wallet happy. I recently tried Naked Beaute’s Chamomile & Cucumber Facial Cleanser, and I am obsessed with it! Unlike a majority of facial cleansers, this one didn’t leave ... View Post

COCOBelle: Black Girl Magic At It’s Finest, Ginger + Liz

When Ginger Johnson and Liz Pickett met in 2006, the two had an immediate connection bonding over all things beauty with a particular obsession with nail lacquer and living a vegan lifestyle. During a conversation at brunch, the ladies shared that they’d both had harsh reactions to toxic ingredie... View Post

COCOBlogger: Candice Horn, Blogging With A Purpose!

Blogging is not so uncommon, it’s the modern way of journaling – sharing your views with the world. However, what is uncommon is a blog with a purpose such as MyCandiShoppe. Created by Candice Horn, the Mother and Wife created a space that addresses everything from hair, fashion and beauty trends... View Post

Cocotique Chats With Claire Sulmers About Dark & Lovely’s #LoveMyColor Campaign And More!

Recently we caught up with everyone’s favorite fashionista, Claire Sulmers of Fashion Bomb Daily. We got to pick her brain about spring trends, adding color to your office attire and beauty. She also gave us the 411 on her collaboration with Dark and Lovely for their #LoveMyColor campaign. Get t... View Post