Press On Nails Are A Safer Alternative To UV Nail Dryer Lamps

Don’t call it a comeback. Yes, that right, faux press on nails are back! Not only are they a fun fashion statement, they are also a safe and healthy option to choose instead of applying nails that require UV lamps to dry them. According to USA TODAY, initial studies show that UV lamps used at nail salons can cause cancer and permanently change your DNA. 

Don’t worry, you can still have fabulous nails. In fact, you can save time and money by using Tip Beauty Luxury Press On Nails from the January Box. The set includes 24 Faux Nails and a specialized non-toxic nail glue. No smears or smudges and quick and easy application. Find out how you can get salon quality nails at home and how Una Cassidy created her drab to fab from head to tips company.

How did Tip Beauty get it’s start?

Tip Beauty is owned and operated by single mom, Una Cassidy. It was my daughter’s prom and she wanted to do her own nails at home. When we went shopping at Ulta and Sephora, we couldn’t find anything suitable, let alone cute. I couldn’t believe that no one was doing any fashion forward nails in cute packaging. After 30 years working in the beauty industry, I was inspired to create Tip Beauty to fill that void in the nail market.

What comes in an order? 

Each order comes with 24 nails plus a tube of glue. We offer different sizes for different nail bed sizes.

How long does it take to apply the Faux Nails?

The application takes a quick 5 – 10 minutes.

How long do the tips stay on?

The nails will stay on from anywhere from 3-7 days.

What type of adhesive comes with the nails?

We use a very high-quality nail glue.

Can you cut or file the Faux Nails?

Yes, you can to shorten or change the shapes.

What tips can you give us on how to apply the Faux Nails?

It is important that the nail bed is clean and completely dry. Also buffing the natural nail bed prior to application, will give the glue a better grip and wear longer. Also, if the nails pop off within a day, chances are you did not use enough glue.

How many other styles do you offer?

We offer 60 different designs as well as lashes and eye liner glue pen.

What are your top 3 styles?

Baller, Poison Ivy and Kinky Boots.

What’s next for Tip Beauty?

We want to be the leader in the Artificial Nail category. We aggressively launch new designs every 2 months to keep our clients engaged and IG ready! We may eventually expand in to other color cosmetics☺

Those who get the January Box will get a box of Faux Nails. What is the one thing you want them to know?

That we pride ourselves in our products and the quality of our products. We want our customers to feel good about how their nails look and they are affordable for everyone.


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