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ESSIE SPICE 20% Off Discount Card

ESSIE SPICE 20% Off Discount Card

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ESSIE SPICE 20% Off Discount Card

Created by Essie Bartels, these cooking sauces for meats, chicken and fish will leave your mouth watering for more. You haven’t tried sauces until you’ve tried Essie Spices!

• Coco-For-Garlic - Try this exotic coconut garlic sauce on just about anything to add a bounty of flavor with a unique roasted garlic aroma and all the goodness of Virgin Coconut. Use Coco-For-Garlic before sautéing or braising to marinate poultry, meats, fish or tofu, to spice up stews or soups. Go ahead and add it to omelettes, frittatas, quiches and even pizza for unexpected but exceptional flavor.
• Mango Chili Medley - A delectable blend of sweet mango, lush Vidalia onions & Jamaican Scotch Bonnet peppers, this essential condiment will add unbelievably delicious flavor to any dish. Use as a glaze, dip, marinade or cooking sauce. This is the perfect flavor enhancing addition to meats, noodles or that Guacamole. Dig in and find a little nuggets of juicy mango chunks or two. Use as a sandwich spread, on crepes, on top of cheese on a cracker or to jazz up that steak and experience world renowned flavor.
• TamarindOH! - This sweet and tangy sauce is the ultimate marinade for meats and vegetables. A sumptuous blend of Tamarind, Guava, Ginger and Vanilla makes TamarindOH! the perfect glaze for poultry, ribs and YES --- Desserts! Use it in place of traditional BBQ sauce and for that extra zing, replace grape or strawberry jam with TamarindOH! on your pies or try a dollop on some ice cream or yoghurt.
• Mekko Dry Rub - This distinct aromatic and versatile spice rub adds delicious flavor to every meat and vegetable. This essential seasoning offers a subtle blend of Asian and West-African spices rounding off with fragrant note of West-African peanuts. Try Mekko Dry Rub on fish, lamb, chicken, shrimp or beef. Try it in Olive Oil for yummy dipping or on popcorn or crackers for a savory, healthy snack.

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