• WORRY FREE PEDI Sanitizing Tablets for Pedicure

WORRY FREE PEDI Sanitizing Tablets for Pedicure

Worry Free Pedi is a unique dissolving tablet that is specially formulated to sanitize your pedicure water. Every time you go to a nail salon for a pedicure, you risk contracting bacterial and fungal infections. Even when salons assure you that they have cleaned their pedicure bowls well, with just a quick scrub down in-between clients, it's physically impossible to clean inside the pipes, jets, the drain, behind the vents, and other areas that hide bacteria and fungi. Worry Free Pedi is a small tablet that dissolves in your pedicure water to completely sanitize the bowl and the water. You drop the tablet into the pedicure water once your bowl is filled and running, you wait a quick 60 seconds before you put your feet in, and that's it! It's super easy and scientifically proven 99.99% effective! One small tablet, 60 seconds, and you are 99.99% protected from any bacteria and fungi hiding in your pedicure bowl! BENEFITS: Preventing bacterial and fungal infections from improperly cleaned pedicure foot basins. FULL SIZE: $9.95 / 4 TABLETS 
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Very Handy!

Used these in my pedicure chair at my usual nail salon. She didn't mind and even asked me about them and how to purchase for her shop.

Something new

Love to see unique products mixed in box