• KNEIPP Mineral Bath Salt “Joint &  Muscle”

KNEIPP Mineral Bath Salt “Joint & Muscle”

The perfect plant-based solution to caring for overworked joints and muscles. The KNEIPP® ARNICA MINERAL BATH SALT - “JOINT & MUSCLE” with valuable arnica extract and natural essential oils of cabreuva, rosemary and pine species provides you with a beneficial, warming and invigorating bath experience. After soaking in the arnica bath salt for 15 to 20 minutes, your joints and muscles can start to feel soothed with the aid of one of Sebastian Kneipp's favorite plants. The Mini Bath Salt supports 1 to 2 baths. Key Benefits Post Workout Recovery Give our arnica bath salts a try with a warm bath after a workout or participating in strenuous activities. As your muscles relax and your metabolic rate increases with the warmth of the bath water, the Arnica can get to work targeting those overworked muscles. You should ideally use the arnica bath salt directly after a workout, before the discomfort sets in for the optimal effects. HOW TO USE: 1. ADD BATH SALT TO BATH WATER 2. ENJOY BATH FOR 15-20 MINUTES WATER TEMPERATURE: 97°-100°F / 36-38°C INGREDIENTS: SODIUM CHLORIDE, PINUS PINASTER OIL, ARNICA MONTANA FLOWER EXTRACT, ROSMARINUS OFFICINALIS (ROSEMARY) LEAF OIL, ABIES SIBIRICA OIL, EUCALYPTUS GLOBULUS LEAF OIL, MYROCARPUS FASTIGIATUS WOOD OIL, PINUS MUGO LEAF OIL, CITRUS AURANTIUM DULCIS (ORANGE) PEEL OIL, HELIANTHUS ANNUUS (SUNFLOWER) SEED OIL, LIMONENE, LINALOOL, PARFUM (FRAGRANCE), POLYSORBATE 20, SODIUM METHYL OLEOYL TAURATE, LECITHIN, ASCORBYL PALMITATE, GLYCERYL OLEATE, GLYCERYL STEARATE, TOCOPHEROL, CI 47005 (YELLOW 10), CI 15985 (YELLOW 6). Important note CAUTION (USA): USE ONLY AS DIRECTED. EXCESSIVE USE OR PROLONGED EXPOSURE MAY CAUSE IRRITATION TO SKIN OR URINARY TRACT. DISCONTINUE USE IF RASH, REDNESS, OR ITCHING OCCURS. CONSULT YOUR PHYSICAN IF IRRTATION PERSISTS. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. NOTE: TO AVOID DISCOLORATION, ADD MINERAL BATH SALT TO RUNNING BATH WATER AND USE WATER TO IMMEDIATELY RINSE OFF ANY UNDILUTED PRODUCT IN DIRECT CONTACT WITH OBJECTS OR SKIN. AFTER BATH, RINSE OUT THE TUB WITH HOT WATER. CAUTION (EU): DO NOT INGEST AND KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. KEEP AWAY FROM VULNERABLE OR SENSITIVE SURFACES. COSMETIC PRODUCT. SACHET: $4.00 / 2.1 OZ - FULL SIZE: $20.00 / 17.63 OZ
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Home Spa Treatment

I ordered a 2nd box after trying the mineral bath. This is my new favorite soak. I love that it dissolves completely.

Loved it!

This bath salt smelled wonderful as well! It helps you to relax and enjoy pampering yourself.

Talk about relief !

After I used this bath salt my body felt so refreshed and relaxed.